Organic farming: Europe wants to authorize pesticides and reduce quality controls in the sector

Organic Farming: Europe Wants to Authorise Pesticides and Reduce Quality Controls in the Sector

HEALTH: The European Agricultural Council plans to soften the standards and even authorise, in certain cases, the presence of pesticides in the productions resulting from organic farming There is growing concern among producers, processors and distributors in the organic sector in France. The European Agricultural Council, which takes place this Monday in Brussels (Belgium), is examining a project to […]

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In England, all shops are due to reopen

Coronavirus: All Shops Reopen this Monday in England

DECONFINEMENT: A new stage of deconfinement crucial for the British economy Relief insight. All businesses are authorized to reopen in England on Monday in a new phase of deconfinement in the United Kingdom, crucial for the economy of the country hard hit by the pandemic of new coronavirus. Only stores deemed “essential” such as food stores and pharmacies remained open during confinement, decreed […]

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Greece is ready to receive tourists

Deconfinement: “Greece is Ready” to Receive Tourists, assures the Prime Minister

GREECE: “Everything is ready”, assured Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the eve of the reopening of the tourist season in Greece, relatively little affected by the coronavirus with 183 dead Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the emblematic island of Santorini assured on Saturday that Greece could now “welcome tourists” in complete safety after planetary confinement, whose impact on tourism will be “significant”. […]

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Spain freezes number of the Coronavirus Covid-19 cases

Coronavirus: Spain Generates Doubts by “Freezing” the Number of Dead

HEALTH: Spain no longer gives daily counts of its coronavirus Covid-19 patients Spain has been “freezing” for days its total number of coronavirus deaths, thus leaving room for doubt about the development of the epidemic in one of the countries most bereaved by Covid-19. Since June 7th, the death counter has been stopped at 27,136. And the Department […]

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Italy reopens its borders to European tourists from June 3

Coronavirus: Italy Reopens its Borders to European Tourists from June 3rd

While the Italian economy, very dependent on tourism, suffers, the Italian government announced the opening of borders to nationals of the European Union. Deckchairs and parasols at a distance, systematic disinfection … Italy is doing everything to be able to welcome holidaymakers on its beaches this summer , which represent a significant windfall for its economy on the verge […]

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China reports new Covid-19 case in Wuhan, first in a month

China Reports New Covid-19 Case in Wuhan, First in a Month

The Chinese authorities announced this Sunday 10th May 2020, the appearance of a new case of contamination with the coronavirus in Wuhan, city deconfined just a month ago. Almost five months after its appearance in China at the end of 2019, the pandemic that has led to the confinement of more than half of humanity and brought the global […]

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Coronavirus: 99-Year-Old Briton Collects 20 Million Pounds for Caregivers 1

Coronavirus: 99-Year-Old Briton Collects 20 Million Pounds for Caregivers

He walked 100 lengths of his garden with his walker. Tom Moore has sparked extraordinary generosity, raising almost 23 million euros for hospitals. A 99-year-old Briton, Tom Moore, has become a true “hero” in his country after having collected more than 20 million pounds for caregivers walking 100 lengths of his garden with his walker. At a time when […]

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A classroom in Gladsaxe, Denmark, Tuesday April 14, 2020

Coronavirus: Danish Schools Start Reopening After One Month of Closure

Schools shyly reopened this Wednesday 15th April in Denmark after a month of closure due to the coronavirus epidemic Denmark is the first European country to reopen its crèches, nursery and primary schools this Wednesday 15th April, after the introduction of restrictions on March 12th to stem the coronavirus epidemic. However, lessons resumed in only half of […]

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A worker wears the masks distributed by the authorities in Ronda (Spain), April 13, 2020 .. (© AFP / JORGE GUERRERO. A worker wears the masks distributed by the authorities in Ronda (Spain), April 13, 2020)

Coronavirus: Covid-19 Ten Times More Deadly than H1N1, according to WHO

Spain partially returns to work, towards lifting restrictions in Germany, more than 114,000 dead … Update on the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. “Only a vaccine will completely stop the transmission of Covid-19”. This is what the World Health Organization said Monday 13th April 2020. WHO points out that the coronavirus pandemic killed ten times more people than the A/H1N1 flu […]

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Confinement in France could be extended by several weeks

The Confinement could be Extended beyond May 10th, according to the Entourage of Emmanuel Macron

The head of state is due to speak on Monday 13th April 2020, shortly after 8 pm. Among the announcements expected is that of the extension of the confinement by several weeks. The French await Monday announcements of Emmanuel Macron, who should extend the confinement in France by several weeks and mean that the fight against the Coronavirus Covid-19 is far […]

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