Meta will pay 88,500 euros per day after exploiting user data for advertising

Norway: Meta will Pay 88,500 Euros per Day after Exploiting User Data for Advertising

TARGETED ADVERTISEMENTS: Meta had until August 4th to prove that it had measures in place to comply with Norwegian data protection law. We don’t play with the protection of personal data in Norway, even if we are called Meta. A Norwegian regulator on Tuesday fined the U.S. tech giant for serving targeted ads by exploiting user data from its Facebook and Instagram […]

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Ezstaurants in Barcelona are restricting serving single customers

In This City, Single Customers are No Longer Accepted on Restaurant Terraces

The professionals of the restaurant sector prefer to privilege the more important additions, namely those of the groups Sitting alone to eat or have a drink has become almost impossible in Barcelona ( Spain ). For several months, restaurateurs have been refusing solo customers on their terraces and favouring groups. An ordeal for the locals, even more so in this summer […]

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Poverty rate reaches record high in Ten years

The “Deprivation” Rate, Another Measure of the Poverty Rate, Reaches a Record High in Ten Years

PURCHASING POWER: Unlike the monetary poverty rate, the deprivation rate is based on households giving up certain products or services. 4%. Thursday, INSEE indicated that the rate of “material and social deprivation” affects 14% of the population of France. Unlike monetary poverty rates, which are based on household income, the deprivation rate is calculated on the basis of households […]

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Mercedes improves autonomous driving with automatic lane change

Mercedes Improves Autonomous Driving with Automatic Lane Change

AUTO: Mercedes beats Tesla to the post by being the first manufacturer to launch automatic lane change in Europe Mercedes earns points in the race for autonomous driving. Level 2 “driver assistance” is now improved with the automatic lane change function (called ALT) soon to be available in Europe. A novelty is already available in the United States and Canada on […]

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The airline EasyJet has announced the elimination of 1,700 flights over the next three months.

EasyJet: Why the Airline Decides to Cancel 1,700 Flights this Summer

In total, some 180,000 EasyJet passengers are expected to be affected by these cancellations for July, August and September 2023. The most affected airport is London Gatwick. Did you plan to fly this summer? If you had bet on EasyJet, you could have a bad surprise. This Monday, July 10, 2023, the airline announced the elimination of 1,700 […]

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The beginnings of good news on inflation in France

Inflation: “We Have the Beginnings of Good News”, says the Governor of the Banque de France

This Tuesday 11th July 2023, the Governor of the Banque de France spoke about inflation in France, announcing that the institution has “the beginnings of good news. On the increase in the future rate of the livret A, which should be announced Thursday 13th July 2023, François Villeroy de Galhau remained cautious. Bruno Le Maire, […]

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The social media platforms will have to delete hateful messages

Riots: For Thierry Breton, “Social Media Networks Have not Done Enough”

From August 25th, social media platforms will have to comply with European law. Invited to Franceinfo, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton felt that “social media networks did not do enough” during the riots in France, linked to the death of young Nahel. “  They will have to do more,  ” he added. During the four nights of riots, […]

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CBDC - What could the digital euro be used for?

What Could the Digital Euro be Used For?

Monetary sovereignty, privacy, cash replacement, the European Central Bank’s digital euro project raises many questions. The legal framework for the future digital euro, also known as the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a dematerialised version of the single currency, was unveiled on Wednesday 28th June 2023 by the European Commission. The project is not yet precise […]

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Fires in Canada: are the fumes present in France toxic?

Fires in Canada: Are the Fumes Present in France Toxic?

The cloud of smoke loaded with fine particles, which arrived this Monday 26th June in France, would circulate too high in the atmosphere to affect air quality. Satellite images have been making the rounds on social media since this weekend. The smoke from the gigantic fires affecting Canada has been arriving in France  since Monday 26th June 2023. These […]

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