Inflation slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

Rising Prices: Inflation Slowed to 5.9% YoY in December

PURCHASING POWER: Over one year, inflation continued to be driven by the rise in energy prices, which jumped by 15.1%, and that of food products, up very sharply by 12.1% In France, the rise in inflation slowed in December to 5.9% over one year, against 6.2% in November, according to the provisional estimate communicated by INSEE on Wednesday. A temporary […]

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The EU has voted that trvellers from China need to be tested for Covid-19

Covid-19: EU Calls for Systematic Testing of Travellers from China

TENSION: The “overwhelming majority” of EU countries voted on Tuesday in favour of systematic Covid-19 tests for travellers from China Faced with the relaxation of the zero Covid policy and the multiplication of cases in China, Europe is tense. The “overwhelming majority” of EU countries voted on Tuesday in favour of systematic Covid -19 tests for travellers from China before […]

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Unvaccinated carers can work again in Greece.

Covid-19: In Greece, Unvaccinated Caregivers Have Returned to Work

PANDEMIC: The Council of State in Greece forced the government to lift the restrictions Medical staff not vaccinated against Covid-19 returned to work on Monday in Greece, sixteen months after their suspension, announced the Hellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (Poedin) in a press release. This return of some 2,000 caregivers to public hospitals and ambulance services follows a decision by the […]

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This baker from the Oise can no longer pay his bills, he calls for help

Energy Crisis: This Baker from the Oise can No Longer Pay His Bills, He Calls for Help

PRICE INCREASE: The electricity bill for this craftsman rose to 12,000 euros in December, against 1,800 euros before the crisis A baker from Rieux ( Oise ) demonstrated on a roundabout in Villers-Saint-Paul on Monday. His goal? Alert on soaring energy prices which threatens its trade, reports France 3 Hauts-de-France . In December, his electricity bill doubled. While it was 1,800 euros before the crisis and then 6,000 euros […]

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Zelensky announces plans to join World Economic Forum in Davos, sign new post-war loans with BlackRock

Zelensky announces plans to join World Economic Forum in Davos, Signs New Post-war Loans with BlackRock

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is preparing to attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in January “Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Larry Fink have agreed to focus in the short term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channelling investments to the most relevant and impactful sectors […]

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Extinction Rebellion suspends protest movement

Extinction Rebellion Suspends Protest Operations

MILITANCY: The environmental organization is now focusing on a large protest against government inaction in April The environmental organization Extinction Rebellion announced on Sunday that it was suspending the spectacular blocking operations in the United Kingdom that made it known, preferring to mobilize for a large demonstration against the government’s inaction in April. This network of […]

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Covid-19 in China: Meeting in Brussels on Thursday to Find a “Coordinated Approach” in the EU

EPIDEMIC: The aim is to “discuss with member states and EU agencies possible measures for a coordinated European approach”. Like an air of deja vu. Three years after the first cases of Covid-19 in China, which were exported to the point of creating a pandemic, Europe wants to find a “coordinated” response to the epidemic outbreak affecting China. Since the relaxation […]

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War in Ukraine: Putin Offers Eight Rings to Leaders and Fuels Rumours

MORDOR: The reference to Tolkien would be voluntary, according to a Russian political scientist Eight rings to make them understand that he wants to rule them all? After a summit in Saint Petersburg of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), an alliance of several former Soviet republics, the Kremlin presented Tuesday as a gift for the new […]

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War in Ukraine: Pope Condemns ‘Senseless War’ and Calls for ‘Silencing the Guns’

VATICAN: On the occasion of his Christmas message, the Pope regretted the number of conflicts and tensions in the world A message of peace for Christmas. This Sunday, on the occasion of his message sent from the Vatican, Pope Francis called for “silencing the guns” in Ukraine, in the grip of a “senseless war”. “May our gaze be filled with the […]

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Terry Hall, the lead singer of the Specials has died

UK: Terry Hall, Lead Singer of Ska Band The Specials, Dies Aged 63

MUSIC: In 1981, the song “Ghost Town” had ranked at the top of the UK charts for several weeks. British ska band The Specials are mourning their lead singer. Terry Hall has died at the age of 63, the group founded in the late 1970s announced on Monday, which released a covers album last year. “It is with great […]

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