How Occitania wants to preserve water resources

Drought: How Occitanie Wants to Preserve Water Resources

SOBRIETY: On Thursday, the Occitanie region unveiled a plan to deal with the climate change of which this territory has been a victim for several years Thursday, the Occitanie region unveiled a plan to try to save water. The community intends to raise public and tourist awareness of the challenges of water conservation, and encourage businesses […]

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Weather with sun, rain and thunderstorms in Toulouse and Occitanie this Tuesday, May 23.

Showers, Thunderstorms and Sunshine, Mixed Weather Forecast in Toulouse and Occitanie

WEATHER FORECAST: Sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon, or vice versa, and a few thunderstorms expected… Very changeable weather in Toulouse and Occitanie this Tuesday 23rd May 2023 according to Meteo France. Decidedly, the clouds have taken up residence in the region in this month of May. Because this Tuesday 23rd May 2023 will be […]

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In Hérault, the weather forecast is for snow and high winds

Hérault – Snow and Strong Winds: Put Away your T-shirts and be Vigilant

The Weather Channel announces a snowy episode for Hérault, which should be present on the night of Sunday 26th February to Monday 27th February The Weather Channel announces a snowy episode and the yellow vigilance of 23 departments including Hérault, from Sunday 26th to Monday 27th February. Snow is announced as far as the plains and by the sea, and a lot of wind … The least […]

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Storms and Gales are forecast for Toulouse and Occitanie

Strong Gales and Storms Announced: Here is What Awaits Toulouse and Occitanie on Sunday

The summer weather should turn stormy, Sunday 9th May, in Toulouse and Occitanie. Meteo France is also forecasting strong gales in the region. What awaits us. The southerly wind will blow strongly on Sunday 9th May 2021, particularly in gusts. After a summer Saturday in terms of temperatures – with 27 ° C felt in Toulouse and up to 28 ° […]

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A mutation of the coronavirus found in a Toulouse nursing home

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Eleven Cases of the English Mutation Detected in a Retirement Home, One Resident Dead

EPIDEMIC: The English mutation has been detected in three staff members and eight residents of the facility, including one resident who recently died It is a cluster, which is more of the English mutation of the coronavirus. The regional health agency of Occitanie (Arsoc) announced this Sunday that eleven cases of the British mutation of the virus were […]

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Delphine Jubillar disappeared during the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, in Cagnac-les-Mines in the Tarn.

Disappearance in the Tarn: A Mysterious Connection to Delphine Jubillar’s Facebook Account Raises Questions

An empty message from Delphine Jubillar, published Wednesday on a Facebook group and immediately deleted, thickens the mystery It is an empty message, posted Wednesday evening on a Facebook group to which the 33-year-old mother belongs, which caused the stir. Seeing this post emitted from the account of  Delphine Jubillar appear, before being almost immediately deleted, a close friend […]

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Despite the curfew, the sandwich shop was in "open bar" mode in Toulouse

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Despite the Curfew, the Sandwich Shop was in “Open Bar” Mode

CURFEW: A small fast-food restaurant in Bagatelle, Toulouse, was “emptied” by the police on Monday evening well after the curfew At 10.45 pm, the small crowd, already spotted several times in front of a very small fast-food restaurant in the Bagatelle district, in Toulouse, necessarily attracted the attention of the police on Monday evening. Especially since the establishment had […]

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The family home of Delphine Jubillar, the missing nurse, in Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn

Disappearance in the Tarn: Delphine Jubillar’s Husband “Summoned” this Wednesday by the Gendarmes who are Still Searching the House

MISSING:  While excavations continue at the couple’s home, the husband of Delphine Jubillar, the missing Tarn nurse, is summoned to the scene by the gendarmes The investigation into the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar continues in Cagnac-les-Mines (Tarn) with the summons by the gendarmes of the husband of the nurse who has been missing for three weeks now. “There is research […]

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A brown bear like those who live in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees: Bears Killed Fewer Sheep This Year (and Men Killed More Bears)

BIODIVERSITY: The prefect of the Pyrenees mountains announces that fewer beasts of animals have succumbed to the claws of bears. He sees the effects of the measures put in place to allow shepherds and bears to live together The Prefect of Occitanie announces that the bears of the Pyrenees have killed fewer animals this year. He attributes […]

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Toulouse: After a week of compulsory mask, cyclists and joggers authorized to no longer wear it

Toulouse: After a Week of Compulsory Mask, Cyclists and Joggers Authorised to No Longer Wear It

EPIDEMIC: Cycling associations in Toulouse have been asking for a derogation for a week, as in Montpellier and Paris Since last Friday, all Toulouse residents over the age of 11 have been required to wear a mask in the street as part of the measures put in place to slow the circulation of Covid-19. A decision which is far […]

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