Toulouse: After a Week of Compulsory Mask, Cyclists and Joggers Authorised to No Longer Wear It

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Toulouse: After a week of compulsory mask, cyclists and joggers authorized to no longer wear it

EPIDEMIC: Cycling associations in Toulouse have been asking for a derogation for a week, as in Montpellier and Paris

Since last Friday, all Toulouse residents over the age of 11 have been required to wear a mask in the street as part of the measures put in place to slow the circulation of Covid-19.

A decision which is far from having achieved unanimity. Beyond the anti-masks, cyclists have stepped up to the plate to request an exemption when riding in the streets of Toulouse.

After a week of negotiations, and while the prefect of Hérault had given right to the request of cyclists from Montpellier, that of Haute-Garonne has just taken a measure authorizing two-wheelers and runners to move without a mask, even if it remains “strongly recommended”.

A derogation under certain conditions indicates a press release from the prefecture. “The police will therefore not issue a ticket to cyclists and joggers who do not wear it, provided that these people are not in a group, are not in contact with pedestrians in meeting areas and are on a traffic lane adapted to their activity (cycle path, road, path, etc.) ”.

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