Two cyclists killed by a car in the Charente-Maritime

Charente-Maritime: Two Cyclists Killed by a Car

Two amateur cyclists have been killed in an accident with a cat in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime).  A third is slightly injured. Amateur cycling is still bereaved by a dramatic accident in the region. This morning, in Périgny, in the suburbs of La Rochelle, a group of five cyclists was struck by a motorist on a secondary […]

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Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme will present the anti-Covid health measures for the 2020 edition on August 19, 2020 in Nice.

Covid-19: Tour de France Director Christian Prudhomme Tested Positive

The director of the Tour de France must temporarily depart from the race. However, all the cyclists tested are negative. The director of the Tour de France Christian Prudhomme underwent a test, which turned out to be positive for Covid-19 and must deviate from the tour for a week, we learned Tuesday 8th September 2020 from the organization of the […]

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Toulouse: After a week of compulsory mask, cyclists and joggers authorized to no longer wear it

Toulouse: After a Week of Compulsory Mask, Cyclists and Joggers Authorised to No Longer Wear It

EPIDEMIC: Cycling associations in Toulouse have been asking for a derogation for a week, as in Montpellier and Paris Since last Friday, all Toulouse residents over the age of 11 have been required to wear a mask in the street as part of the measures put in place to slow the circulation of Covid-19. A decision which is far […]

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New Health protocol measures for coronavirus on the Tour de France

Coronavirus: A Team will be Excluded from the Tour de France Based on Two Positive (or Strongly Symptomatic) Cases

CYCLING: The main measures of the health protocol for the Tour de France are put in place by ASO are starting to leak It’s a question that has tormented the teams since the restart: what will happen if we discover a rider positive for coronavirus on the Tour de France, THE race that must save the cycling season? Will the […]

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Do cyclists have to wear masks in open public areas -

Do Cyclists Have to Wear a Mask in Open Public Spaces? We Answer You

Masks are compulsory in closed public places, and now in certain open public places. As in Paris, since Monday 10th August, in certain areas of the capital. But our readers have questions about this obligation: does it also apply to cyclists? We will answer you. In order to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and to avoid a possible epidemic […]

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Cyclists get organized on Facebook to find their stolen bikes in Paris

Cyclists get Organised on Facebook to Find their Stolen Bikes in Paris

The increase in the number of cyclists in Paris goes hand in hand with an increase in the number of stolen bicycles. On Facebook, cyclists signal and try to spot their bikes. “Sometimes we find bikes, but we also avoid theft,” says Victor Fromageot, the 18-year-old who created the Facebook group “Stolen Bikes Paris / Suburbs”. For two […]

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The number of deaths on the roads of metropolitan France fell sharply in August (-15.5%) with 251 people killed, against 297 in the same month in 2017.

Road Safety: The Number of Deaths Decreases in August

On Thursday, Road Safety campaigners welcomed the sharp drop, for the 4th consecutive month, of the number of deaths on the roads of France. The number of dead on the roads of metropolitan France fell sharply in August (-15.5%) with 251 people killed, against 297 in the same month in 2017, announced Road Safety Thursday 13th September. ℹ️ […]

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