Jean Castex Announces the Mandatory Mask in Closed Places “From Next Week”

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The mask will become mandatory in closed public places

During his intervention in the Senate, Prime Minister Jean Castex advanced the date from which the mask will be mandatory in enclosed spaces.

The waiting time was finally shortened. Initially planned for August 1st, the wearing of the mandatory mask in closed public places will finally come into force next week. 

“Late due”

It was the new Prime Minister Jean Castex who announced it Thursday 16th July 2020 in the Senate. “I heard and understood that the deadline (of August 1 note) appeared late (…) The decree will, therefore, come into force next week“He declared before the senators.

Locally, some municipalities had not waited to issue orders to impose the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces. This is particularly the case in Mayenne , where the alert threshold at Covid-19 has just been exceeded.

Museums, places of worship and hospitals concerned

Wearing a mask is already compulsory in public transport . It should therefore also become so in museums, administrations, places of worship, cinemas, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and even hotels. However, it will be necessary to wait for the decree to know the exact list of places concerned.

The wearing of masks in closed public places was announced by the Head of State Emmanuel Macron during his speech on July 14th.


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