Laval: Two Childcare Centres Closed Due to Cases of Covid-19

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The reception of the 4-5 year old group at the Grenoux leisure center in Laval was suspended due to a case of covid-19

Laval has decided to suspend the reception of groups of children in the event of a covid-19 detected. Result: the Tom-Pouce crèche and a group at the Grenoux leisure centre are closing.

As soon as a case of covid-19 is reportedthe reception of groups of children in nurseries and leisure centres is suspendedThis is the decision that the new mayor of LavalFlorian Bercault, has just made public by means of a press release.

The group of 4-5-year-olds from Grenoux leisure centre

Two establishments are currently concerned. Wednesday evening July 15, 2020, the parents of the children accommodated in the group of 4-5 years old at the Grenoux leisure centre were contacted by phone. These children are invited to isolate themselves.

The Regional Health Agency, on the other hand, considers that the application of rear gestures and the monitoring of instructions by reception staff do not to date require the entire structure to be closed.

“I also invite all the families whose children are welcomed at the Grenoux leisure center to go to the open access test site for the city of Laval,” said the mayor.

Tom-Pouce crèche closed until August 21

And this Thursday 16th July, a closing order for the Tom-Pouce crèche in Saint-Nicolas was issued. This structure will be closed until August 21st.

“We are well aware of the constraint that this implies for families, but these measures are necessary to be as effective as possible to break the chains of contamination of the virus circulating in Mayenne. Elected officials and municipal services are attentive to families who would encounter major difficulties in babysitting their children in order to explore all possible solutions together, ”assures the mayor.

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