Do cyclists have to wear masks in open public areas -

Do Cyclists Have to Wear a Mask in Open Public Spaces? We Answer You

Masks are compulsory in closed public places, and now in certain open public places. As in Paris, since Monday 10th August, in certain areas of the capital. But our readers have questions about this obligation: does it also apply to cyclists? We will answer you. In order to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and to avoid a possible epidemic […]

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The mask will become mandatory in closed public places

Jean Castex Announces the Mandatory Mask in Closed Places “From Next Week”

During his intervention in the Senate, Prime Minister Jean Castex advanced the date from which the mask will be mandatory in enclosed spaces. The waiting time was finally shortened. Initially planned for August 1st, the wearing of the mandatory mask in closed public places will finally come into force next week.  “Late due” It was the new Prime Minister Jean Castex who announced it Thursday […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex speaks during a visit to the prefecture of Cayenne, in Guyana, on July 12,

Wearing a Mask in Confined Spaces: A Question “Under Study”, Assures Jean Castex

During a visit to Guyana, Sunday 12th July, the Prime Minister recalled that “the circulation of the virus is all the more evident when the premises are closed”. Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Sunday 12th July that “the question of developing the wearing of a mask is under study”, particularly for enclosed spaces, in order to fight the epidemic […]

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You will not be able to Vape in public places

Smoking: What are Public Places where you can Legally Vape

PUBLIC HEALTH: From 1st October 2017, it will be prohibited to “Vape” in many public places” … Bad news for fans of the electronic cigarette . From 1 October it will not be possible vape in the office or on the subway. Indeed, several provisions of the law of 26 January 2016 modernising our health system surrounding vaping come into force […]

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