Pension Reform: Edouard Philippe Takes a Step Towards the CFDT

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Edouard Philippe on January 6, 2020

The Prime Minister qualified Tuesday 7th January of “good idea” the proposal of conference of financing of the CFDT, while calling for that “everyone moves a little”.

Edouard Philippe gave a sign of openness to the CFDT. He qualified Tuesday, January 7 as a “good idea ” the proposal for a financing conference, while calling for “everyone to move a little” in order to reach a “compromise” on pension reform.

“I am open to discussions on many subjects and I sometimes hear excellent ideas,” the Prime Minister said on RTL on the 34th consecutive day of the strike.

“Funding conference”

Mr. Philippe thus responded favourably to Laurent Berger, the number one of the CFDT, who had pleaded Sunday for the organization of a “conference of financing” of the retirement system separate from the bill currently in preparation, while the union remains opposed to the establishment of a pivotal age.

“I will make proposals to the unions in two hours which may allow us to give content, a schedule, a mandate to this funding conference, and therefore to move forward,” continued the Prime Minister, just before going return to the Ministry of Labor where he must introduce a multilateral meeting with the trade union organizations.

“I am not closed on any modality,” insisted the Prime Minister, while repeating his attachment to the principle “which wants this reform (…) not to be an irresponsible reform”. “I’m not stepping out of this,” he said.

Another system?

“The balance of the system must be guaranteed” and “I propose to guarantee it by setting up a pivotal age”, he said again. “But if the unions and employers’ organizations agree on a better system, I will take it,” he said again, as he already did when presenting the project on December 11th.

While Emmanuel Macron had urged the government to find “a quick compromise”, Philippe said that he would propose to see the social partners “as soon as possible”, perhaps this week.

“The sooner the better” to find an agreement, “but I also know that when we talk with union and employer organizations, we should not rush things,” nuanced Mr Philippe.

The government’s bill which aims to establish a universal points system will be examined in the Council of Ministers on January 24th, confirmed Edouard Philippe.

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