Telephone Scam: No, you have not won 2000 euros Vouchers for Conforama!

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A new telephone scam is currently going around France

A new scam by phone promises vouchers worth 2000 euros to spend at Conforama. But it is a scam. Explanations.

And another scam … The site on Wednesday released an article to warn users about the development of a new telephone scam. This time, the criminals call you to make you believe that you have won vouchers worth a total of 2000 euros at Conforama.

“Hello Sir, your phone number was drawn. I am happy to announce that on the occasion of the opening of our new store, you won 2000 euros, convertible into vouchers at Conforama . Remember well the code X8 and immediately call 272 364 0899, “said the message, relayed by .

Long minutes to answer without phone

Obviously, this telephone number that begins with a 08 is overtaxed. On the phone, a woman tells you that you have won and you kept waiting for the winning number. But the minutes passed and nothing is given to you. The goal is simple: make you stay online as long as possible before you decide to hang up. And the bill just keeps getting larger.

To avoid this type of scam, it is advisable to register since June 1 on the site Bloctel , the Opposition list in telephone marketing set up by the government. A platform on which it is also possible to report abusive calls. Finally, remember that numbers beginning with 08 are usually premium rate numbers. So to avoid!

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