Ethylene Oxide: Snickers, Bounty, Paw Patrol … Many Ice Creams Recalled

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Ethylene oxide: Snickers, Bounty, Paw Patrol ... Many ice creams recalled

Because of this pesticide, classified as carcinogenic, present in too high a content, many big brands and private label ice creams are being recalled again.

Heat or not, summer 2021 is definitely not an ice cream summerAs we had already reported in mid-June, a large number of ice cream and product references are still subject to a product recall at the end of July.

The culprit is always the same: ethylene oxide. The recalled products contain a content greater than the regulatory maximum limit for this toxic substance classified as carcinogenic resulting from a pesticide. As the DGCCRF website reminds us, France is not the only one affected by this contamination detected several months ago, investigations are being carried out in conjunction with the European Commission.

Snickers, Bounty, M&M’s, Pat’Patrouille…

In total, difficult to count them, but dozens of ice cream references are currently affected by a recall. Among them are lots of products well known to the general public such as Bounty, Snickers, Twix and M & M’s , from the Mars Wrigley brand. 

These ice creams are recalled by Leclerc in different formats, specifying the bar code concerned and the DLC / DMC for each format.

For its part,  Auchan recalls Leone brand Paw Patrol sticks , in box format of six for a total net weight of 210 grams. The barcode is 3830053872197, with an expiration date (Best Before Date) of 07/30/2022 and a Minimum Durability (DMC) date of 11/01/2022.

Also many private brands

Many private label ice creams are also affected by recalls. These include, for example, the vanilla containers and coffee containers of the U brand, certain ice creams in the Toupargel container, the mini raspberry ice logs and the raspberry mango passion fruit dome from Casino, the vanilla heart of meringue frozen dessert from the Leader brand. Price, or different Monoprix gourmet brand sorbets.

Other brands such as Maison Prolainat, Chef Dessert, Piton des neiges or Thiriet must recall certain lots.

All products and their references can be viewed on the government site dedicated to product recalls, .

What if you bought these products? 

If these ice creams are already in your freezer, it is advisable to bring them back to the store for a refund, or else to destroy them.

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