Nantes: Man Found Dead in Ikea Atlantis Car Park

Local News
The Ikea store in Saint-Herblain-Atlantis, near Nantes

Man falls from stairs, in the underground parking at the Ikea in the Atlantis Shopping Centre, Nantes, police say

This Thursday morning at the Atlantis shopping centre in Saint-Herblain, Nantes. Around 10:15 a.m., rescue workers were called in an emergency after the discovery of an inanimate man in the underground parking lot of the Ikea furniture store. The Samu could not resuscitate the victim, 48 years old. A police investigation was launched to try to understand what may have happened.

According to the first elements reported by the police, the man had just made a purchase at the E.Leclerc cultural centre located in the gallery. He allegedly fell down a staircase leading to the basement and injured his head. A medical examiner was asked to examine the body. The investigation continues.

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