Naomie Harris Insists on Making a Movie about Miss Moneypenny

Naomie Harris insists on making a movie about Miss Moneypenny

JAMES BOND: The actress proposed the idea of a spin-off film on Miss Moneypenny to Barbara Broccoli, the producer of “James Bond”

Naomie Harris plays Miss Moneypenny, the secretary of M, in the James Bond since Skyfall in 2012. And the actress thought that the character deserves a movie, even if the franchise has never been very focused on spin-offs. However, with the support of Barry Jenkins, the Oscar winner of Moonlight, the actress could well tip the scales one day or the other.

“He wants to make a very nasty action movie with Moneypenny and I agree. I went to see Barbara Broccoli, our producer, and I defended the idea. She was not very uptight – but maybe one day it will be, “said the actress on the set of Good Morning America.

Why not

“At least the conversation has started and we will continue from now on,” continued Naomie Harris. The actress is the sixth face of the secretary of Agent M who has also earned a name, Eve, with his arrival in the franchise. As such, the character has gained prominence in the latest movies, going to accompany the agent 007 on the ground instead of acting as a simple potiche.

So from there to a spin-off is dedicated to her, there is only one step.

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