Asterix and Obelix authors will be at the Atlantis centre today

Nantes : The authors of Asterix and Obelix at Atlantis

From 10.30 am till 2pm, Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad sign their latest book of  “Asterix and the Papyrus of Caesar.” Uderzo and Goscinny remain forever fathers of Asterix and Obelix.  But in recent years, Uderzo and publisher Hachette has entrusted the difficult task of living the characters of the little Gallic village that resists against […]

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Vapiano are looking to recruit 70 staff for their new restuarant

Nantes: After Burger King, Vapiano is Recruiting 70 Staff for Installation at Atlantis

The restaurant will open its doors in December 2015, in the mall … After Burger King, it is now the turn of the German company, Vapiano who are preparing there new installation in the Atlantis shopping centre, Nantes for opening in December.  For this, Vapiano who are a chain of Italian restaurants will be looking to recruit […]

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