5 Ways to Buy a Cheaper Property in France

Buying a property in France is a dream for many French people and for many expats too, and is possible for those on tight budgets.

However, there are several ways to reduce the price of your purchase of a property in France by focusing on features – other than the living space – that make its price more attractive. Here are 5 ways to buy a cheaper property.

1. Change Neighbourhood

Did you know that much of the value of a property is due to its location? Before listing their search criteria, future buyers are very often focused on a neighbourhood and even, sometimes, an address in particular. If this is your case, consider a property corresponding to your expectations in a neighbourhood less surcoté is a way to buy cheaper property equivalent.

Opting for a changing area Some municipalities also offer the possibility of being a homeowner at a lower cost, as long as buyers are willing to invest in new neighbourhoods. In these so-called changing zones, the price per m² is lower with a discount ranging from 30 to 40%.

2. Participate in an auction

Instead of making your choice in the catalogue of a real estate agent or on the Internet, you can also bet on the auctions. Above all, it will be necessary to determine with the bank your debt capacity and the budget that is granted to you.

Once there, you can bid on a property for sale, and it is obviously the highest bidder who wins this one. This method of purchase is not very common, however, a discount of the order of 20 to 30% can be considered on the goods. Note that there are no conditions precedent to loan or withdrawal period, so be sure of your bid.

3. Look for a property on the ground floor

Another peculiarity that can lead to a lower rate on the property is the fact that it is a high floor or not. A ground floor is not necessarily a criterion of choice for buyers because they sometimes suffer noise, lack of light, or even security. This results in apartments that stay longer for sale and represent a great financial opportunity. First, they will be cheaper at starting prices, and second, because of low demand, they can be more easily negotiated. It is estimated that the ground floor properties are between 15 and 40% cheaper than those on the upper floor.

4. Bet on commercial premises

Increasingly fashionable, the rehabilitation of commercial premises into a home for personal use is becoming a popular fact in some cities. With singular volumes, the owners can model these trays to infinity and play on a more personalization.

The ideal is to bet on a good which will have a central location because its position can bring a strong surplus-value the day of its resale. The acquisition of commercial space is equivalent to saving 10 to 20% compared to a home in the same area. On the other hand, it will be necessary to define beforehand the cost of the works to see if the operation is profitable.

5. The works: an asset not to be neglected

Those who are not refractory to work can make great savings on their real estate purchases. By using craftsmen, there are still very good opportunities when looking for cheaper housing to renovate.

The price becomes particularly interesting when the work concerns the structural work. The more there is to do, the less the good is expensive, and it is even truer if you do the work. Feel free to visit housing with artisans to assess the extent of renovations.

It is not impossible to find a cheaper property. In any case, such a purchase is anyway a wise mix: it must be able to compromise. Now you have to define your priority criteria.