Transport: Blockages, Dams, Snail Operations … Truckers are Demanding Better Wages

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Truckers are demanding better wages

MOBILISATION: With the truckers mobilising for better wages, it will add more bad news for motorists

At the call of four unions in their branch, the truckers are called to strike on Monday to demand better working conditions and wages. Blockages, filtering dams, snail operations … The situation is further complicated on the roads in the midst of social conflict over pensions.

“The blockages were put in place from 4 am, in Lille, Vannes, Toulouse, Lyon (the MIN market), Nancy (Ludres industrial area) etc. “, Clarified to Charles Morit, of the road CFDT, first trade union of the branch, at the origin of the movement and joined by FO (3rd), the CFTC (4th) and the CGC (5th). “Passenger cars are not affected” by the filter barriers, he added.

Salary, 13th month and end of activity leave

Truck drivers about fifty kilometres from Marseille were blocking access to a large logistics platform where large-scale warehouses, “Clésud”, are located in Miramas, according to the CFDT truck drivers. The salary increase, conventional 13th month, professional permit, maintenance of the end of activity leave scheme (CFA): in full mobilization against the pension reform, the watchwords are specific.

In Pas-de-Calais, some 200 people blocked access to the industrial area of ​​Douvrin at 5 am an important logistics base north of Lens. “We have just left the area escorted by the police. We are driving at 20 km / h on the N41, there are several kilometres of traffic jams behind us. We will join the A25 then the A1, the operation should last until mid-day, “said Henri Talleu (CFDT).

Passenger cars authorized to circulate

South of Nancy, around 150 truckers organize dams on the Ludres industrial area since 3:30 am and a priori until midday. In Alsace, a snail operation has also been carried out early Monday morning on the A35 / A4 by around twenty trucks with around thirty activists, causing very slow traffic to the south and north of Strasbourg.

“We are going to block the Schwindratzheim toll,” letting only light vehicles pass and distributing leaflets, before leaving in the opposite direction around 3 p.m., said Pascal Vaudin (CFDT). In Brittany, truckers blocked the Prat industrial area in Vannes (Morbihan) from 9:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Monday, in particular, to prevent refrigerated trucks from accessing it.

A rally in Paris at the end of the morning

In Pays de la Loire, around fifty have been blocking the ID Logistics warehouse in Derval (Loire-Atlantique) since 5.30 a.m. They then plan to go to Nantes in the early afternoon to demonstrate in the city centre.

In Rouen, the bus depot is blocked by the demonstrators. In the Paris suburbs, blockages have been installed in Seine-et-Marne and in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de Seine). A rally is to be held in Paris in front of the headquarters of the FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport) in the XVIIth district, where the drivers must be received at the end of the morning.

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