"Prices Remain Delirious"... In Spain, the Spectacular Drop in Inflation, Miracle or Mirage? 1

“Prices Remain Delirious”… In Spain, the Spectacular Drop in Inflation, Miracle or Mirage?

COST OF LIVING: With inflation at just 3.2% in May, Spain is a good European student in the face of rising prices. But these flattering figures have not erased the difficult end of the month What if Spain had beaten inflation? In a few months, the Iberian country saw its curve fall from 10.8% to only 3.2%, […]

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Truckers are demanding better wages

Transport: Blockages, Dams, Snail Operations … Truckers are Demanding Better Wages

MOBILISATION: With the truckers mobilising for better wages, it will add more bad news for motorists At the call of four unions in their branch, the truckers are called to strike on Monday to demand better working conditions and wages. Blockages, filtering dams, snail operations … The situation is further complicated on the roads in the midst of social conflict over […]

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750 million euros for emergencies: the 12 measures proposed by the government

750 Million Euros for Emergencies: 12 Measures Proposed by the Government

On Monday 9th September 2019, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn detailed a vast plan for emergency services on strike for almost six months, Accused by the unprecedented strike affecting the emergency services for nearly six months, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn detailed Monday 9th September 2019 a “refoundation pact” of 750 million euros over three years, but not providing […]

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LISTEN Share FACEBOOK TWITTER MESSENGER LINKEDIN E-MAIL Search In the midst of the yellow vests crisis, Michel-Edouard Leclerc spoke at the microphone of BFMTV on the issue of wages in France

Yellow Vests: Michel-Edouard Leclerc Believes that “Work Does Not Pay Enough in France”

In the midst of the yellow vests crisis, Michel-Edouard Leclerc spoke at the microphone of BFMTV on the issue of wages in France. Believing that “work does not pay enough in France”, he assured that the vast majority of his employees will receive bonuses The CEO of the group E.Leclerc was the guest, Thursday 10th January, direct Jean-Jacques […]

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Gas prices rise in October

Gas, wages … What changes from October 1st

Assistance to cover childcare costs will be more important for single-parent families and jobless contributions disappear on the payroll. Here is everything that changes from Monday, October 1st. A financial boost for single-parent families, rising gas prices , the disappearance of employee contributions for unemployment insurance : here are some changes that will affect the lives of French people from […]

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The battle over wages has lasted more than three months at Air France.

Air France: New Episode in the Wage Battle with a Strike from 23rd to 26th June

STRIKE ACTION: The call to strike at Air France, is likely to be “lifted or reinforced” according to the announcements made by the management, warned the unions … The unions of Air France announced on Friday, one month to the day after the fifteenth and last day of strike for wages, a call for a new strike from […]

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Le PDG d’Air France-KLM Jean-Marc Janaillac lors d’une conférence de presse le 4 mai 2018 à Paris

Strike: Air France Plans to Insure Nearly 85% of Flights on Monday 7th May

Air France management plans to provide nearly 85% of the flights on Monday, the fourteenth day of a strike by pilots. The mobilization of pilots has got weaker and weaker. The management of Air France plans to ensure “nearly 85%” of the flights Monday, the fourteenth day of a strike episodes , which sees the mobilization of pilots to the […]

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Unions have announced four more days of strike action at Air France for May

Air France: Pilots Announce Four Days of Strike Action in May

On the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th May, the Air France unions call again for a strike, after 11 days of mobilization, for a rise in wages Three Air France pilots’ unions announced on Wednesday that they have filed a new strike notice for May 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th to weigh in the negotiations for wages. “We […]

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Ten Air France unions are calling for another strike day for wages on March 23rd.

Air France: Another Strike Day on the 23rd March

Eleven Air France unions call for a new day of strike, Friday, March 23, 2018. They demand a general wage increase of 6%. Eleven Air France unions are calling for another strike day for wages Friday, March 23, 2018 , one month after the previous one that had led the company to cancel a quarter of flights, they said Tuesday to […]

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