Yellow Vests: The RN 12 Blocked at Langueux and Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are demonstrating in Saint-Brieuc Saturday 23rd March. After the city centre, it is the turn of the RN 12 to be blocked and Langueux. Since 1pm, this Saturday 23rd March, nearly 400 yellow vests are demonstrating in Saint – Brieuc as part of the act 19 of the movement . Around 4.15pm, they arrived on the RN 12. The convoy […]

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Nearly 400 yellow vests march in Saint-Brieuc

Yellow Vests: Nearly 400 Demonstrators March on Saint-Brieuc

Several hundred yellow vests are resolved to demonstrate in downtown Saint-Brieuc this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 and to defy the ban issued by the prefect. At the call of Yellow Vests , about 400 demonstrators gathered this Saturday 23rd March, 2019 in the early afternoon at the roundabout Brézillet. Around 2pm, they began a march towards the center of Saint-Brieuc ( Côtes-d’Armor ), […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests" in Lille on 2 March 2019.

Yellow Vests: What mobilisation are Planned for Act 17, This Weekend

After nearly 4 months of existence and a mobilisation at half mast, Yellow Vests are again in the street this Saturday, March 9, including Strasbourg, Lille, Bordeaux and Quimper. Events in France, sit-in near the Eiffel Tower and mobilization of women.  The Yellow Vests are organizing a weekend of mobilization for their act 17, before their big national day of March 16th, for […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests", in Marseille, on February 9, 2019.

Yellow Vests Act 14: New Mobilisation this Saturday with the Desire of a “Return to the Sources”

Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Pontivy … For the third month of mobilisation, Yellow Vests are back in the street for act 14, Saturday 16th February Three months of demonstrations , a movement still scattered and a beginning of weariness that wins the opinion: for their act 14, the “yellow vests” want to act everywhere on Saturday but also Sunday […]

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Yellow vests block the A62 Motorway at Toulouse

Yellow Vests: Toll Roads Blocked at Toulouse-Nord, the A62 Completely Closed

The A62 motorway was completely closed at the toll of Toulouse-North, Monday 14th January, 2019 in the morning, because of a demonstration of yellow vests. Around 7 am, Monday 14th January, 2019, the A62 motorway was completely cut, in both directions of traffic, near Toulouse . The yellow vests occupy the toll of Toulouse-Nord, near Sesquières, from about 10pm on Sunday 13th January. Several […]

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Where will act 9 of the Yellow Vests protests be

Yellow Vests: Act 9 Will Concentrate in Bourges?

While new rallies are scheduled for Saturday 12th January, organisers are reluctant to maintain the epicentre in Paris or move to Bourges, “center of France”. The imminent launch of the great national debate does not change anything: Yellow Vests are preparing new rallies Saturday, January 12 across France, and seem to want to focus between Paris, theatre of violence last […]

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Near Rouen, yellow vests block access to oil terminal

Near Rouen, Yellow Vests Block Access to the Oil Terminal

Early Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, Yellow Vests gathered at the entrance to the Rubis oil terminal in Grand Quevilly. They prevented trucks from entering. The truce confectioners will have been short, in the agglomeration of  Rouen  for  yellow vests . Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, about sixty of them blocked a few hours access to the Rubis oil depot in  Grand-Quevilly (Seine-Maritime) . A strategic […]

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Supervised by the gendarmes, the yellow vests let the customers enter the store Leroy Merlin of Quéven

Yellow Vests Raise the Blockage of the Leroy Merlin Store in Quéven

Approximately 70 yellow vests were blocking since 8:30 this Saturday morning the entrance of the DIY store Leroy Merlin in Quéven. Approximately 70 yellow vests were blocking since 8:30am this Saturday morning the entrance of the DIY store Leroy Merlin in Quéven. Under the pressure of the gendarmes, at 10 am, they lifted the blockage. But continue […]

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Blockage of circulation by the yellow vests at Boulou on December 22, 2018.

Hundreds of Yellow Vests on the Franco-Spanish border, Mobilisation in Occitanie

Several hundred “yellow vests” were gathered Saturday at the toll Boulou near the Spanish border, and busloads of protesters continued to flow. Hundreds of ” yellow vests ” were gathered Saturday at the Boulou toll near the Spanish border, and busloads of protesters continued to pour in, AFP reported. They had blocked a ramp in the early morning at the Boulou […]

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One of the barracks that had been fitted out by the yellow vests along the René Cassin roundabout, at the entrance to Saint-Malo, near the aquarium.

Saint-Malo: Yellow Vests Dislodged from the Roundabout of the Aquarium

The second HQ of the yellow vests in Saint-Malo was evacuated this Thursday morning. After the roundabout of Naye last Tuesday, the national police and the technical services of the City intervened at the beginning of the morning, this Thursday 20th December, 2018, at the roundabout René Cassin, located near the aquarium, at the entrance […]

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