Accident in the Drôme: One Dead and Three Wounded, the Traffic Resumed on the A7

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Accident in the Drôme: one dead and three wounded, the traffic resumed on the A7

After the lifting operations, traffic gradually resumed on the A7 motorway in Drôme, the middle of the afternoon, this Sunday 8th September 2019.

The A7 motorway was cut back and forth in the Drôme on Sunday 8th September 2019 after an accident involving a truck, a minibus and two light vehicles that left one dead and three injured, including a serious one, according to a “stabilized” report. From the prefecture.

In the middle of the afternoon, traffic on the A7 gradually resumed on one lane only, in both directions of traffic, said the prefecture in a statement .

“Strong slowdowns are to be expected and it is therefore advised road users to adapt their movements.”

12 people unscathed

The prefecture initially announced the occurrence of two accidents but it is “finally a single accident on which there has been another  accident ” told AFP a spokesman for the prefecture.

“The human toll, stabilized, reports a deceased person, a victim in absolute urgency and two victims in a relative emergency,” the statement said the prefecture.

“The latter were taken care of by the firemen and transported to the nearest hospital center.”

12 people involved in the accident but unscathed “were taken in charge by a medical-psychological emergency unit (CUMP) opened in hall of Loriol,” added the prefecture.

The facts occurred “between the North Montelimar interchange (No. 17) and the Loriol exit (No. 16),” said the operator Vinci Autoroutes in a statement, adding that “the truck and its load have notably reversed on all tracks. “

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