News reform on France 3: Call for a three-day strike at France Télévisions

News Reform on France 3: Call for a Three-day Strike at France Télévisions

MEDIA: Called Tempo, this reform of the news on France 3 is supposed to come into force on September 4th. It raises many fears among employees Two months before the abolition of the national news on France 3, the unions of France Télévisions are calling for a three-day strike from Tuesday to protest against this disputed reform from the […]

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Strikers at Paris Rubbish collectors against pension reform violently dislodged

Rubbish Collectors Strike: The Strikers of the Garage of Ivry-sur-Seine Violently Dislodged this Friday Morning

PENSION REFORM: They blocked the garage at Ivry-sur-Seine which houses 80 dump trucks since 6th March against the pension reform “We expected it, but not in this way. This morning, the rubbish collectors on strike at the Ivry-Victo-Hugo garage were dislodged by the police. On strike since the 6th March, they held a picket in front of the facilities that […]

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The unions have asked Tuesday evening to be "received urgently" by Emmanuel Macron "so that he withdraws his reform" from pensions

Strike of 7th March: Two New Days of Mobilisation Announced, the Unions Want to See Macron “Urgently”

PROTESTS: The Unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his reform” from pensions The main unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his pension reform” from pensions and announced two new days of mobilization on Saturday and next week. “The […]

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Record number of protestors against the pension reform in Paris

Pension Reform: The CGT announces 700,000 Demonstrators in Paris

PENSION REFORM: The CGT announces 700,000 Demonstrators in Paris against the pension reform, Which Would be a Record Participation The mobilization against the proposed pension reform by the government is up compared to the last day of mobilization, on the 16th February 2023, during which the cabinet Occurrence had identified 33,000 demonstrators in the capital. […]

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Strike of March 8: Slight improvement in traffic in the RER and buses this Wednesday

Strike of 8th March: Slight Improvement in Traffic in the RER and Buses this Wednesday

TRANSPORT: The RATP estimates that the service on the Parisian metro lines will remain, for its part, “still very degraded” A slight improvement in traffic is expected this Wednesday in the RER and buses, for the second consecutive day of strike in Parisian transport against the pension reform. The RATP nevertheless provides for a still very degraded service […]

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In Paris, Dustbin collectors are on Strike against the Pension reforms

Strike of 7th March: Parisian Dustbin Workers also on Strike

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: Paris dustbin workers began to mobilise against the pension reform yesterday, and stopped waste collection in several districts of the capital The Dustbin collectors of the City of Paris began strike action on Monday against the pension reform which will continue on Tuesday, a day of great mobilization, indicated the City of Paris and the CGT. […]

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Strike of February 16: With the pension reform, is the CFDT becoming radicalized?

Strike of February 16th: With the Pension Reform, is the CFDT Becoming Radicalized?

UNION: The CFDT is showing great firmness in the face of the pension reform carried out by the government, far from its attitude during the precedent of 2019 or during the term of Hollande. A turning point for the reformist union? The CFDT, a union traditionally seen as reformist and conciliatory with the government, strongly opposes […]

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TotalEnergies dangles new discounts at the pump

TotalEnergies Dangles New Discounts at the Pump

HALF PROMISE: The CEO of the Totalenergies group, which made record profits in 2022, conditions these rebates on an end to the strikes against the pension reform TotalEnergies made record profits in 2022. But while diesel is approaching 2 euros per litre, the group dangled French motorists on Wednesday with discounts at the pump. On one condition: that strikes against pension reform, particularly in […]

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Strike renewed at TotalEnergies, in most refineries against pension reforms

Pension Reform: Strike Renewed at TotalEnergies, in Most Refineries

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: After the third day of mobilisation on Tuesday against the pension reform project carried by the government, the CGT announces a renewal of the strike in the refineries at TotalEnergies TotalEnergies strikers renewed the movement on Wednesday morning against the government’s pension reform project in most of the group’s refineries, we learned from the CGT. The union […]

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Already a union calling on railway workers not to check the pass sanitaire on trains

Already a Union Calling on Railway Workers Not to Check the Pass Sanitaire on Trains

The health bill definitively adopted last night by Parliament provides in particular for the extension of the Pass Sanitaire (negative Covid test, vaccination certificate or recovery certificate) to passengers of long-distance trains and to employees carrying out their activity on board. SNCF employees such as railway security controllers and agents will therefore have to have […]

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