Personal data: Your Connected TV Shares your Info with Google, Amazon, Netflix and others

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Personal data being shared by connected tv, causing privacy worries

PRIVACY: Some connected TV transmits data to Netflix, Google, Amazon, even though no account has been associated with the connected site.

Connected TVs deliver our data to third parties. A study conducted by US and British researchers shows that many connected objects transmit private information to Facebook, Amazon, or Google, reports  Futura Tech.

The researchers looked at 81 connected objects sold in their countries. They also studied bells with cameras and speakers or fridges connected. In all, 34,586 observations were made to assess the nature of digital interactions and “possible unanticipated exposures of personal or sensitive information”.

Various companies concerned

Most companies receiving personal data are the originators of systems that operate devices, like Google. But information is also sent to more unexpected companies, such as advertisers, service providers or companies analyzing user behaviour.

The phenomenon is even more pronounced concerning connected televisions and other smart screens. The researchers noticed that most have established a connection with Netflix, even though no account of the streaming service had been associated with the TVs tested.

The risk of privacy is real, but difficult to evaluate and generalize to all devices Indeed, televisions offer interfaces, protocols and functions that vary from one model to another. The researchers also point out that there are differences between countries, due in particular to the laws in force.

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