Ezstaurants in Barcelona are restricting serving single customers

In This City, Single Customers are No Longer Accepted on Restaurant Terraces

The professionals of the restaurant sector prefer to privilege the more important additions, namely those of the groups Sitting alone to eat or have a drink has become almost impossible in Barcelona ( Spain ). For several months, restaurateurs have been refusing solo customers on their terraces and favouring groups. An ordeal for the locals, even more so in this summer […]

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How to take good care of your sneakers (and prevent them from smelling)

How to Take Good Care of your Sneakers (and Prevent them from Smelling)

The espadrille is still and always a summer classic. But for your pair to last more than one season, it must be maintained. And your feet will thank you. “In sneakers, we look like an idiot, we have blisters, we dance disco. In sneakers, it stinks of feet, in sneakers! ” Fans of Les Nuls will have recognised the […]

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The electric scooter is taking over cities

Eco-mobility: Electric Scooters is Taking Cities at High Speed

VROUM: As sales figures soar for electric scooters and specialist brands multiply, we tell you all about these “clean” two-wheelers Very practical for short daily journeys, scooters have long found their followers, especially among young people. While the fight against CO2 emissions intensifies, these small two-wheelers were nevertheless neglected in favour of modern technological innovations. But in the space of two […]

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Motorcycle look, scooter characteristics, the BMW ce-02 is accessible from 14 years old.

BMW ce-02: The Electric Motorcycle Accessible from 14 Years Old

MOTO: After the ce-04, which looks like a futuristic scooter, BMW is launching this new machine that the brand describes as an “eParkourer”. BMW’s new 100% electric two-wheeler oscillates between scooter and motorcycle, with an aesthetic all its own. Solid rims, flat saddle, and raised handlebars: it has a look of fire. A motorcycle look, but with a foot forward scooter position, a […]

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SNCF launches 200,000 Intercités train tickets at 19 euros for this summer

Holidays: SNCF Launches 200,000 Intercités Train Tickets at 19 Euros for this Summer

TRAVEL: The SNCF “good plans” operation begins this Friday 7th July 2023 and ends on the 15th July 2023, for trips until the 31st August 2023. Thing promised, thing due. As the summer season continues and many French people are preparing to go on vacation, good news awaits those who have opted for the train. Travelling to […]

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Cancers in France have doubled in the last 30 years

Cancers: in France, the Number of New Cases has Doubled in 30 Years

Worldwide, cancers are responsible for 10 million deaths. In France, they are even the leading cause of death with 157,400 deaths recorded in 2018. Worldwide, cancers are responsible for 10 million deaths, according to statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the year 2020. In France, they are even the leading cause of death with 157,400 deaths recorded. in […]

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Which first names were given the most in 2022 in France?

Which First Names were Given the Most in 2022 in France? Here is the Ranking

Insee released this Tuesday 4th July 2023 its ranking of the most given names to babies in 2022. A ranking without great surprise. As for the year 2021, the most given first names in 2022 are… Gabriel and Jade. They are respectively 4,889 boys and 3,420 girls to have received these first names in 2022, […]

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Who could benefit from leasing an electric car for 100 euros per month

Who Could Benefit from the Electric Car at 100 Euros per Month?

AID: Households with an annual reference tax income of up to 14,000 euros would be affected and qualify for an electric car with low-cost leasing Things are becoming clearer for the electric car at 100 euros per month for low-income households, relay  Les Echos on Monday. Emmanuel Macron could announce the measure during his speech on July 14th. For […]

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What if Skoda launched into the motorhome with the Roadiaq

What if Skoda Launched into the Motorhome with the Roadiaq

AUTO: The end of June is the time when we return our copies. Here is a copy of the students of the Skoda Academy, who this time had to expand the scope of their skills The Skoda Academy is the training centre for automotive trades that the Czech manufacturer houses within its historic headquarters, in Mlada Boleslav, […]

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