Four large families of cherries are consumed in France. And for each of them, the use differs!

Cherries: Which Variety to Choose?

French businesses sell four major types of cherries. But beware, we do not choose the same variety to make jam or clafoutis. The bigarreaux, the most cultivated 80% of cherries harvested in France belong to the family of bigarreaux . They dominate the market thanks to the resistance of their skin and the “sweetness” of their flesh. We eat them naturally or […]

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The new 2008 Peugeot detonates with a particularly powerful and distinctive style ... It embarks on board the new generation of the i-Cockpit 3D.

New Peugeot 2008: Style and Electricity

Peugeot compares its new 2008 SUV to an instinctive and versatile driving experience. Ultra technological, it is also multi-energy by offering 3 types of engines. True SUV in its dimensions, the new Peugeot 2008 detonates with a particularly powerful and distinctive style. At the technological level, it adopts the new generation of the i-Cockpit 3D, equipment and driving aids at the level of the best […]

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Jaguar offers his E-Pace soft lines, as on the F-Pace.

Jaguar E-Pace: A Beautiful Body, in a Low Cost Way

After the F-Pace, Jaguar released a more compact SUV, the E-Pace, successful curves but with a cabin devoid of the usual luxury of the English brand. Its tariff starts at 35 900 €. Jaguar has always had a particular style and his cars have often been admired. His arrival in the SUV world with the F-Pace has shown that designers have managed to […]

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Childbirth varies greatly from country to country, depending on cultural differences and the healthcare system of the country.

Universal Experiences of Having a Baby

Childbirth varies greatly from country to country, depending on cultural differences and the healthcare system of the country. Some of these details can make a huge difference in what the parenting experience is like for new parents. Childbirth varies greatly from country to country, depending on cultural differences and the healthcare system of the country. […]

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A diver cleans the glass of the first underwater restaurant in Europe, 400 km south of Oslo, on May 2, 2019.

Dinner Underwater but Dry in the First Underwater Restaurant in Europe

In Norway, Under has been proposing for the last few weeks to dine under water at five meters depth … staying dry. Immersion. “We have this little window near the kitchen. Whenever a special fish passes, I stop and wonder what taste it can have. Architectural curiosity planted in Lindesnes, in the extreme south of Norway , Under has […]

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Five tips for a successful vegetable patch

Garden: Five Tips for a Successful Vegetable Patch

With good weather, we all want beautiful vegetables … but we do not have the land to sow or plant. The solution: the vegetable patch! We tell you everything. Whether you want to grow aromatics, salads or tomatoes, raised gardening obeys certain principles, guaranteeing good results. We explain to you. 1. Choose the structure The gardens squares are often made […]

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The banana has 95 calories per 100 grams, all natural sugars easily assimilated by our body.

No, Bananas Do Not Make You Fat!

The Banana, the Second fruit most consumed by French households, bananas are sometimes accused of lodging on the hips. Pure defamation. 95 calories per 100 grams. The ratio of banana can seem huge. However, the calorie content of this fruit is primarily related to its richness in natural sugars . These simple carbohydrates are easily assimilated by the body. They also allow the muscles to refuel after prolonged effort. Tasted in […]

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With the arrival of warm weather, heal the decor on your balcony

How to Make Your Balcony or Terrace Very Pampering?

Whether you have a small area or XXL space, we give you decorating ideas to fully enjoy your terrace as the summer season approaches. If sunbathing and sunbeds are indestructible outdoor, more original pieces have also been popular for several seasons. Starting with the acapulco armchair . Designed in the early 1950s in Mexico and inspired by the technique of Mayan weaving, this […]

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