GAFA tax "à la française" in the process of being adopted, the United States launch an investigation

GAFA Tax “à la Française” in the Process of Being Adopted, the United States Launch an Investigation

The “GAFA” tax, on the digital giants, must be definitively adopted by Parliament. At the same time, the United States is launching an investigation into the effects of this tax. The Parliament should adopt definitively Thursday 11th July 2019, for a final Senate vote for right-wing majority, the introduction of a tax on “Gafa”, making France one of the first […]

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Netflix accounts for nearly a quarter of Internet traffic in France

Netflix Accounts for Nearly a Quarter of Internet Traffic in France

INTERNET: With Netflix, Google, Akamai and Facebook, we even surpass 50% for only four content providers Watching Stranger Things in 4K consumes bytes! Four major content providers – Netflix, Google, Akamai and Facebook – alone account for 53% of French Internet traffic, Netflix is the undisputed champion according to the report on the state of the internet released Thursday by […]

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The e-commerce giant Amazon is thinking about creating a connected bracelet, able to detect our emotions.

Amazon Imagines a Connected Bracelet, able to Detect our Emotions

A bracelet able to recognise our sadness, our joy or our stress. And that, only thanks to the voice. This is the new idea of ​​the American firm Amazon. What if a bracelet could detect your mood? This is the new project (a little crazy) imagined by the giant Amazon . His name: Dylan . Through the reading of internal documents and a testimony collected internally, […]

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The Senate examines Tuesday and Wednesday at first reading the proposed GAFA tax on the digital giants,

The “Gafa Tax” Validated by the Senate to Impose on the Digital Giants

The GAFA tax that must target the digital giants such as Facebook and Google has been validated by the Senate Wednesday 22nd May, 2019. Members and senators still have to agree. The majority Senate on the right has voted by show of hands, on the night of Tuesday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 22, 2019, […]

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Microsoft and Sony to work together with Cloud Gaming

Playstation / Xbox: Surprise Union Between Microsoft and Sony in Cloud Gaming

The union seems unlikely, and resonates on Thursday as a thunderclap in the microcosm of the video game: Sony and Microsoft, the two rivals, will work hand in hand! The first, Sony, is Japanese (Tokyo) and is the creator of the PlayStation 4 . The second, Microsoft , is American (Redmond) and manufactures Xbox One. In the video game console market, both […]

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Logos of the principal Gafa, photo taken in Paris, February 18, 2019.

GAFA Tax: How France Wants the Digital Giants to Pay

After failing to achieve unanimity in Europe on the issue, France presents this Wednesday its bill to tax Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and others. The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire presents Wednesday in the Council of Ministers bill to tax the giants of digital, after failing to achieve unanimity in Europe on the issue. According to the European […]

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Amazon could be setting up North of Nantes

The American Giant Amazon to Set Up North of Nantes

The leader of the distribution, Amazon, would consider creating a seventh depot in Grandchamps-des-Fontaines (Loire-Atlantique). 1,500 jobs could be created. This is a news that is starting to spread like wildfire: the company Amazon , specialising in e-commerce, would consider putting his suitcases to … Grandchamps-des-Fontaines , north of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) . The American giant plans to develop, for the first time […]

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Amazon assistant Alexa and her Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Spot speakers will be available in France on June 13, 2018. - AMAZON

Alexa, Amazon Assistant, and her Echo Speakers Finally Arrive in France

TECHNOLOGY: In the United States, Amazon has taken the lead, but in France, the company comes after Google Home … It’s not too soon. Three and a half years after its launch in the United States, Alexa is about to storm the French market. The Amazon wizard will be launched in Version Francaise on the 13th June, with […]

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Europ plans to tax the digital giants

GAFA: Europe’s Plan to Better Tax the Digital Giants

Brussels is expected to propose on Tuesday a plan that plans to tax the revenue of digital giants (Google, Apple, Amazon or Facebook) up to 3%. The European Commission must propose on Wednesday, under the impetus of Paris, to better tax system of the digital giants, such as Google or Facebook, at the risk of fuelling tensions between the United […]

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO is richest person in the world

Jeff Bezos, Boss of Amazon, is the Richest Man in the World

His fortune is estimated at more than 110 billion dollars. The boss of Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has become the richest man on the planet. Jeff Bezos, 54, is now the richest man in the world thanks to the global success of Amazon, but this rather discreet multi-billionaire has other hobbies, like the conquest of space or … […]

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