Dolphins Disturb the Final of the Jet Ski Championship of France in Ajaccio

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Dolphins disrupt the final of the French jet ski championship

NUISANCE: Unless it’s the other way around

The presence of a school of dolphins in the Gulf of Ajaccio caused Saturday the interruption of the championship of France endurance jet ski.

“We had to stop the competition four times. The dolphins have been there for two days, they have fun with the jets, they jump, “said Nathalie Roldan, president of the Imperial Jet club, at the origin of this event that ends Sunday.

” They are in their house “

“We must protect the dolphins, they are at home, even if it is unmanageable for the times,” lamented the organizer.

Friday already, during the training of the pilots of these scooters of the seas, the cetaceans had made an appearance.

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