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The weather in Cantal is forecast to have scattered showers

WEATHER: The rain will return this Tuesday24th September 2019 to Cantal, with however some clearings during the day. Temperatures will not exceed 20 ° C.

Hello everyone, it is Tuesday 24th September 2019 and the latest forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Cantal is for a day with scattered showers, with some clearings during the day.

Showers spread across the department

The showers will be present at dawn. In the morning, there will be some clearings and a break from the rain, mainly in the eastern part of the department. Temperatures will drop to 16 degrees in the late morning.

The afternoon forecast for the weather in Cantal
The sun will be resting today across the Cantal. (© Météo France)

The showers will continue to punctuate the rest of the day, spreading across the whome of the department of Cantal, with the sun becoming more and more shy. Temperatures will progress to 18 degrees on average.

The rain will be present until the end of the evening and during the night. The following days will also be marked by the showers.

Have a Good day everyone!

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