Unions call for another day of strikes against pension reform

Pensions: New Events, the Movement Looking for a Second Wind

For the sixth time since December 5th, the unions call for “a day of massive inter-professional mobilization of strikes and demonstrations”. After six weeks of conflict, unions opposed to the pension reform call on Thursday 16 January 2020 for a new day of demonstrations. It will be a test for the rest of the movement which is trying to […]

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Fuel shortages at 160 petrol stations

Nearly 160 Petrol Stations Out of Fuel

Between cars that consume in plugs and refinery blockages, some stations are running out of fuel. Seven refineries out of eight are blocked on Tuesday 10th December, announces the CGT Chimie, to protest the pension reform . At the same time, the French, victims of the transport strike, took the roads of assaults and the cars circulate […]

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More than 3,000 checks were carried out on Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Paris, before the event. 18 people were arrested

Strikes on December 5th in Paris: More than 6,300 Checks in Paris, 28 Arrests

The prefecture of police published Thursday 5th December 2019 at noon, a review of the system put in place since the morning in Paris for the day of strikes against the pension reform. The important police apparatus set up in  Paris  includes, besides prohibitions to demonstrate in certain sectors, controls and excavations to prevent from overflowing. At noon, Thursday, […]

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Pension reform: after FO, the CGT in the street

Pension Reform: After FO, the CGT in the Streets

After the liberal professions or the RATP, the CGT calls to protest this Tuesday 24th September 2019, against the pension reform. Disturbances are expected at SNCF. After lawyers, doctors, pilots, nurses, the RATP or Force Ouvrière (FO), it is the turn of the CGT to march Tuesday 24th September 2019 throughout France against the future pension reform, for which the government takes now […]

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Strikes in Normandy this Thursday against reform of Labour Code

Strike against the Reform of the Labour Code: What disruptions in Normandy Thursday, October 19?

A new call for the strike was launched Thursday, October 19, 2017, against the reform of the Labour Code. Disturbances are announced in Normandy. A new ” day of action ” against the reform of the labor code is scheduled, Thursday, October 19, 2017, at the call of unions CGT and Solidaires . The public service could also be part, for its own claims on the […]

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Tourism figures for Paris show a decline in numbers

Paris: Tourism has lost? 750 million euros after Attacks

The tourism sector in Paris and the Ile-de-France has lost about 750 million euros in turnover in the first half of 2016 … The tourism sector in Paris and the Ile-de-France has lost about 750 million euros in turnover in the first half of 2016.  Attacks, strikes and floods taking foreign visitors away from the […]

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National Day of protest against the Labour law in Paris

Labour Law: The procession of Demonstrators Rushed to Paris

Opponents of the Labour Law, gathered on Tuesday for a national demonstration in Paris, marching began around 1.30pm Firecrackers, smoke bombs and horns … The dense crowd of protesters against the labour law, started the march from the Place d’Italie (thirteenth arrondissement) in Paris to lead up to the Invalides (VII).  At the head of the march […]

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Several Bus line will not run in Le Mans because of strike action

Le Mans: The Strike Against Labour Law will Disrupt the Bus Tuesday

The strike notice submitted for this Tuesday in the Setram, will disrupt the bus network in the agglomeration of Le Mans. No problem for the tram. The direction of the Setram indicates that the strike notice submitted for this Tuesday by the Workers Force union carrier, will disrupt the bus network in the agglomeration of […]

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Update on the strikes affecting France against the Labour Law

SNCF, Air France, Rubbish Removal … Update on Strikes

Manuel Valls was particularly frustrated, calling the strike at the SNCF “incomprehensible” … Has the government manage to turn off the social unrest?  Two days before the European Football Championships, the outcome seems still seem to be found, as strikes at the SNCF, in refineries, waste facilities and events are coming on Wednesday. The strike at […]

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NPP Nogent-sur-Seine has two reactors that could shut down in protest against Labour Law

Labour Law: Call for Nuclear Power Plants to Strike

CGT-Energy called for “strongest possible” action, the first target is the centre of Nogent-sur-Seine … After the fuel shortage, it is no the turn of the electricity. Tuesday night, the CGT-Energy called for the “strongest possible” action on Thursday, including nuclear power plants, to protest against the labor law and the deterioration of the sector, […]

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