Olivier Véran assures that there will be no "retirement" for "pension reforms"

Pension Reform: Olivier Véran Assures That There will be no “Retirement” for “Reforms”

CRISIS: In the “JDD”, the government spokesperson explains that we “cannot let the idea take hold that violence would be a justifiable or understandable reaction” Despite the blockages and the challenge, the executive does not want to consider immobility. Government spokesman Olivier Véran ensures that the executive will continue to roll out a “rearranged” roadmap. “The pension reform does […]

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Petrol Refinery blocked against the pension reform

Pension Reform: The Shutdown of the Facilities at the TotalEnergies Refinery in Normandy Began on Friday Evening

STRIKE: This blockage should not cause fuel shortages The shutdown of the facilities at the TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, the largest in France, “started Friday evening”, declared this Saturday by the secretary general of the CGT of the Normandy platform, Alexis Antonioli. “The units have been on hold since last night,” he added. However, this shutdown will take several days and […]

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Pension reform protests in Lyon

Pension Reform: Violence in Lyon, a Ransacked District Town Hall and 36 Arrests

A new demonstration against the pension reform gave rise to violence and clashes in Lyon on Friday evening. The town hall of the 4th arrondissement was ransacked. New episode in the mobilization against the pension reform and the use of 49.3 in Lyon (Rhône) this Friday 17th March 2023 after a first demonstration which gave rise to clashes and violence Thursday […]

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Several ports blocked by strikers against pension reform

Pension Reform: Several Major Ports Blocked this Thursday

PROTESTS: The ports of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, but also those of Brest, Le Havre and Calais were stopped this Thursday against the pension reform At the call of the CGT, a “dead ports” day is underway in several sites in the country. Disturbances and blockages are particularly reported in Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, Brest, Le Havre, or Calais. […]

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The unions have asked Tuesday evening to be "received urgently" by Emmanuel Macron "so that he withdraws his reform" from pensions

Strike of 7th March: Two New Days of Mobilisation Announced, the Unions Want to See Macron “Urgently”

PROTESTS: The Unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his reform” from pensions The main unions asked Tuesday evening to be “received urgently” by Emmanuel Macron “so that he withdraws his pension reform” from pensions and announced two new days of mobilization on Saturday and next week. “The […]

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The unions are blocking the fuel depots over Pension Reform

Strike of 7th March: Movement Strong in Refineries, Shipments of Fuel Blocked

PENSION REFORM: Blocking fuel shipments does not create a shortage at gas stations, but an extension could lead to it No shipment of fuels leaving French refineries will take place on Tuesday. On the occasion of the national mobilization against the pension reform, they were all blocked, told AFP the CGT-Chimie and TotalEnergies, without creating a shortage in service stations. […]

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In Paris, Dustbin collectors are on Strike against the Pension reforms

Strike of 7th March: Parisian Dustbin Workers also on Strike

SOCIAL STRUGGLE: Paris dustbin workers began to mobilise against the pension reform yesterday, and stopped waste collection in several districts of the capital The Dustbin collectors of the City of Paris began strike action on Monday against the pension reform which will continue on Tuesday, a day of great mobilization, indicated the City of Paris and the CGT. […]

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Unions call for another day of strikes against pension reform

Pensions: New Events, the Movement Looking for a Second Wind

For the sixth time since December 5th, the unions call for “a day of massive inter-professional mobilization of strikes and demonstrations”. After six weeks of conflict, unions opposed to the pension reform call on Thursday 16 January 2020 for a new day of demonstrations. It will be a test for the rest of the movement which is trying to […]

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Fuel shortages at 160 petrol stations

Nearly 160 Petrol Stations Out of Fuel

Between cars that consume in plugs and refinery blockages, some stations are running out of fuel. Seven refineries out of eight are blocked on Tuesday 10th December, announces the CGT Chimie, to protest the pension reform . At the same time, the French, victims of the transport strike, took the roads of assaults and the cars circulate […]

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More than 3,000 checks were carried out on Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Paris, before the event. 18 people were arrested

Strikes on December 5th in Paris: More than 6,300 Checks in Paris, 28 Arrests

The prefecture of police published Thursday 5th December 2019 at noon, a review of the system put in place since the morning in Paris for the day of strikes against the pension reform. The important police apparatus set up in  Paris  includes, besides prohibitions to demonstrate in certain sectors, controls and excavations to prevent from overflowing. At noon, Thursday, […]

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