Olympics 2024: Paris Finally Takes “its” Games

Paris finally gets confirmation of the Olympics 2024

After a century of waiting and failures, Paris finally triumph in winning the 2024 Olympic Games Wednesday at the 131st IOC Session in Lima.  Meanwhile, Los Angeles inherited the 2028 Olympics, after a unanimous show of hands who reserved more suspense since July validation of the principle of this double attribution. This victory is one of the sports movement led by Tony Estanguet, but Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris.

Paris, already host city in 1900 and 1924,  joins London in the club of cities having hosted three times the Olympics. Like Los Angeles, which has already been the scene of the greatest appointment multisport world in 1932 and 1984. After a final presentation of each of the two projects, the 84 voting members all spoke for this double attribution.

“This victory is France” , immediately welcomed Emmanuel Macron, from Pointe-à-Pitre airport at the end of a visit to the St. Martin Island and St. Bartholomew devastated by Hurricane Irma. “It is a commitment of an entire country,”  the side of the IOC, he declared earlier in a video message to the IOC members. “Defending the values of Olympism is also strive for more balance, more multiculturalism” .


Described as  “historic”  by its president Thomas Bach, the simultaneous allocation of Paris 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028, which breaks with the IOC tradition, is more than one way.

In Paris first who, after three painful defeats – the last of which in 2005 faced London 2012 – has finally landed the Grail represent OJ centenary with a calibrated file to meet the expectations of the IOC, but also a timing and a series of hyper favourable circumstances. The city where Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the IOC and revived the Olympic Games in 1894, and revives its sporting history.

The merit for France

“France deserves this moment” , said the future president of the organizing committee Tony Estanguet, who says he  “can not wait to be in the August 2, 2024 for the opening ceremony” . The decision takes an equally historic dimension to Los Angeles especially for the IOC, rocked by allegations of corruption in the appointment of Rio in 2009, broke with tradition by giving two editions of the Games during the same session.

While Hamburg, Rome and Budapest have in turn given, there were only Paris and Los Angeles in the race. Before the IOC last December evokes the possibility of a double allocation of 2024 and 2028, without campaigning for 2028. But it was necessary that one of the two competitors agree to postpone its proposed 4 years. That Los Angeles was in exchange for an extension of 100 million dollars in guaranteed contribution by the IOC. Overall, Los Angeles will receive 1.8 m US Dollars against 1.7 m US Dollars for Paris.

After overspending at Sochi and  “white elephants”  of Athens or Rio,  the budgets of the two projects are more modest 6.6 billion euros in Paris and 4.5 billion euros (5.3 billion dollars) to Los Angeles .

Its bitter defeats for 1992, 2008 and especially 2012 against London, the French sports movement has retained the main lesson: that would be to him, in future, to carry a possible bid and convince politicians to abandon the steering and let  the athletes at the heart of the project.

Place to celebrate

Bernard Lapasset,  then president of World Rugby, was the first boss. Behind it are aggregated canoe triple Olympic champion Tony Estanguet – his alter ego in the head of the bid – and Teddy Riner, now in Lima, Marie-José Pérec and other heroes of the national sports imagery.

After a long uncertain campaign before losing his suspense, now up to the celebration that immediately started, despite the rain, at the Trocadero in Paris, where giant Olympic rings were unveiled. Paris 2024 has everything: the bid committee had reserved the gourmet restaurant Astrud and Gaston, one of the best places in Lima where officiate French chef Alain Ducasse, to savor his success. Before a series of celebrations in Paris on Thursday and a reception at the Elysee Palace Friday.

Then on 21st September Emmanuel Macron and Anne Hidalgo will accompany the  IOC president in Marseille which will host in 2024 the sailing events. Before that, Thomas Bach will travel on Sunday to Los Angeles to light the Olympic cauldron at the Coliseum.

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