Weather: Heat Wave Expected in Loire-Atlantique, 30 ° C will be Crossed

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Heat wave expected in Loire-Atlantique, 30 ° C will be crossed

The heat wave returns in Loire-Atlantique, as in all France from Saturday 22nd June 2019 and will become even more intense the following days, to exceed 30 ° C.

Météo France announces a “heat wave” with a “high heat wave risk” over most of France, for the week of June 24th, 2019.

If the Loire-Atlantique, like Brittany and Lower Normandy, should be a little less affected, the temperatures announced should exceed 30 ° C in a mid-week day.

Heat Peak Wednesday, June 26?

Temperatures will begin a sharp rise in thermometers on Saturday 22nd June, with a maximum of 27 ° C (felt) expected in Nantes, for example. With a minimum temperature of 11 ° C in the early morning, however, we can not yet talk of heat wave: it is effective when night temperatures are struggling to fall below 20 ° C, which will be the case in other regions of France.

However, as of Sunday 23rd June, Meteo France announces a new rise, with maximum felt at 32 ° C in Nantes. The heat wave is expected to continue until Friday 28th June or Saturday 29th June, with a peak expected on Wednesday 26th June. But the confidence index attributed by Météo France is only 1/5 …

Risks of thunderstorms

In connection with these high temperatures, thunderstorms are also announced in our department throughout the week from Tuesday 25th June. Better to plan your umbrella, in addition to its sunscreen and cap!

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