Weather: The Heat Wave also affects Normandy: up to 36 ° C Announced and … 45 ° C Felt!

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The heat wave should not spare Normandy in the coming days. If temperatures rise less than elsewhere in France, they will reach 36 degrees in places

The heat wave should not spare Normandy in the coming days. If temperatures rise less than elsewhere in France, they will reach 36 degrees in places.

Remove the sandals and glasses of sun ! After several weeks of rain and thunderstorms, the first days of the summer of 2019 should make the thermometer mad. From Monday 24th June 2019 , temperatures up to 40 ° C are announced everywhere in France.

While it is of course always a little cooler in the region, Normandy should not be spared by the heat wave that should start Sunday and last until Friday 28th June.

Peaks up to 36 degrees

“The episode should be played in two stages, says Thierry Coquer, forecaster at Météo France Rouen. First a rise this weekend and a cap on Monday. This temporary lull will be accompanied by a stormy degradation that should save the East of the region, but bring down temperatures throughout Lower Normandy. ”

Rapidly hunted towards the North, the clouds should leave room again for the sun on Tuesday. “A four-day heat wave episode is expected, presumably until Friday. ”

Overall, we will expect “average temperatures between 32 ° C and 35 ° C in the afternoon, about ten degrees more than we have experienced in recent days. The peak should be reached Wednesday and Thursday up to 36 ° C.

It is in the Orne and Eure that the heat record of the region should be beaten. Météo France announces, for example, up to 32 ° C on Tuesday in Argentan, Mortagne-au-Perche and Verneuil-sur-Avre, 33 ° C in Alençon and Évreux and even 35 ° C in Vernon! Temperatures that should rise a notch or two the following days. If it will be a little less hot in Calvados and Seine-Maritime , count anyway, from Tuesday, between 25 and 28 ° C in Caen, between 29 ° C and 33 ° C in Vire or Lisieux and up to at 32 ° C in Rouen and Neufchâtel-en-Bray.


More complicated forecasts by the sea

“Even the coast should be affected by this episode,” says the meteorologist. If he admits that the forecasts are more difficult to establish along the Channel, “the phenomenon of breeze that usually plays there should be less felt, except perhaps in the North Cotentin. Everything will depend on how it is set up. ”

If it is possible “to have large gaps between two days” by the sea, Le Havre and Deauville including could also count on temperatures close to 30 degrees.

An unusual phenomenon for the season

Anyway, no doubt, “we can talk about a hot episode on Normandy since the temperatures will last for four days and that the nights should also be mild. ”

If the phenomenon is unusual for the season, it is not a first. “We often talk about the drought of 1976 which had lasted 15 days, but in 2015 and 2017, we also had, for shorter periods, temperatures reaching 38 ° C and 36 ° C,” says Thierry Coquet.

45 ° C felt in the Eure

The Normandy Weather Alert Facebook page , maintained by François Raulin, an amateur weather forecaster, indicates that it is important to distinguish between the temperature displayed and the feeling. More than the temperatures in the shade provided, it is the temperature felt with humidity (humidex) which will be exceptional or unprecedented for a month of June:

“To establish a temperature felt, it is necessary to couple the temperatures captured by Météo-France, which are established under a shelter with the advertised humidity level. A calculation then makes it possible to announce the temperature that will be felt by a person.”

Result? A temperature announced that could exceed, between Wednesday and Friday, the 40 ° C in the department of Eure. “This should not be far from a record,” says the weather enthusiast.

“However, these are subjective forecasts because the temperature felt is not the same for everyone. “


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