Weather: Return of Mild Temperatures for Cantal

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A return of the mild temperatures for Cantal

After several cool days, temperatures and the sun will warm up the department of Cantal for the day.

Hello everyone, it is Tuesday 8th October 2019 and the forecast from Meteo France sees a return to some milder temperatures and some sunshine.

From the sun and 20 ° C in the afternoon

After another rather cold night, it will be 7 ° C at sunrise . The sun will be there from the beginning of the day.

The cloud cover will dissipate as the morning , to make room for a sun more and more radiant.

Temperatures will quickly reach 18 ° C around noon.

Clouds but also the sun for this the Cantal department
Clouds but also the sun for this the Cantal department (© Météo France)

In the afternoon, the sun will be even more generous, and the temperatures will reach or even exceed the 20 ° C average. 

rainy disturbance will pass on the Cantal during the night and will persist until tomorrow morning.

Good day everyone!

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