Laval: The Redevelopment of the Station Ready for 2017

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The redevelopment of the railway station in Laval is expected to be completed in 2017

Work is underway in Laval station, since December 2015. The station is expected to open its new lobby for travellers in 2017.

Since December 2015, work on the redevelopment of the railway station in Laval has been underway, with two thirds of the existing closed whilst the renovation is underway.  The entire interior of the premises was emptied and walls knocked down.

Although the work has been in full progress, there has not been any downgrade to the service to passengers.  “Our priority is not to penalize the flow of travellers”, says Bruno Boizart. They are accommodated in a smaller space of the Laval station building. A reception desk is installed and some benches. Outside, a bungalow serves as SNCF shop with four counters.

Those who regularly take the train may have noticed, the station furniture on the platforms has changed. “We renewed benches, bins and shelters for rail travellers. We will also replace the display panels to make them more attractive.

Currently the renovation work is about 30 percent complete, at the end of 2016, the station is expected to be start to re-open to the public, so that the workers can finish the west side, with all the works to be completed in 2017.

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