After the heat wave, storms hit a large part of the country Saturday, July 27, 2019

After the Heat Wave, the Storms are Back: 22 Departments on Orange Alert

After the heat associated with the heat wave, the storms and rain will continue Saturday 27th July 2019. Meteo France has placed 22 departments in orange alert. The much awaited rain has arrived … After several days of extreme heat and record temperatures, the mercury began Friday 26th July  2019 to plummet with thunderstorms and the alert heat wave was gradually […]

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40 new municipalities in the North are now concerned by the drought alert.

Drought Alert in the North: 40 New Municipalities Affected by the Restrictions

The prefect of the North added Friday 26th July 2019, 40 municipalities to the list of cities in drought alert. This new alert concerns the Yser basin. 285 municipalities are now placed on enhanced drought alert in the North of France. On Friday 26th July 2019, the prefect of the Hauts-de-France decided to add 40 municipalities of the Yser […]

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Almost 40 ° on this thermometer, in Rennes, on June 27,

Heat Wave: New Overheating Expected Across (almost) All of France

The heat wave returns to France, with a “spectacular” jump of the thermometer expected Monday 22nd July 2019 in the southern half and perhaps the temperature records in Paris. Beware of overheating! This new episode, the second in less than a month, arrives on France with 21 South West and Central East departments placed in orange alert from […]

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Temperatures are expected to rise again from Monday to Wednesday.

Heat Wave: 21 Departments Placed on Orange Alert by Meteo France

Meteo France has placed 21 departments of Sud-Ouest and Rhône-Alpes in orange alert for the heat, Sunday 21st July 2019. It’s official: the heat wave is back! Meteo France has placed 21 departments in orange alert for the heat, Sunday 21st July 2019. The alert, which comes into effect Monday morning, from 6am, mainly concerns the Southwest and four departments of the […]

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Heat wave: the refreshment arrives finally by the northwest

Heat Wave: The Refreshment Arrives Finally by the Northwest

After six days of an exceptional heat wave for a month of June, a good part of France will find more breathable temperatures on Sunday. After six days of an exceptional heat wave for a month of June, much of France found more breathable temperatures on Sunday with a clear refresh in the northwest where the orange vigilance was […]

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Heat wave: the red alert is lifted but France is still suffocating

Heat Wave: The Red Alert is Lifted but France is still Suffocating

A good part of France will suffocate this Saturday, the sixth day of an exceptional heat wave where the temperatures have brushed the 46 ° C in the South. A record. Meteo France has lifted this Saturday the red alert for “heat wave” but much of France is still suffocating, the sixth day of an exceptional heat wave where […]

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Heat wave: the absolute record of heat reaches 45.9 ° C in Gard

Heat Wave: The Absolute Record of Heat Reaches 45.9 ° C in Gard

This Friday 28th June 2019, the absolute record of heat in metropolitan France reached 45.9 ° C in the Gard, beating that of 2003 (44.1 ° C). It had never been so hot in metropolitan France. This Friday 28th June, 2019, at midday, the temperatures reached 45.9 ° C in Gallargues-le-Montrieux, in the Gard , never seen! An absolute […]

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Meteo France places 4 departments on red alert for heat wave

Heat Wave: Meteo France Places 4 Departments on Red Alert, Records Beaten

Meteo France has placed the Hérault, Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard and Vaucluse on red alert at the heat wave Thursday 27th June 2019. This is a first since the beginning of this hot episode that strikes the country since the beginning of the week. Meteo France has placed four departments in red alert this Thursday 27th June 2019 in its bulletin […]

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Parent offers fans at school, inspection removes them

Heat wave: A Student Parent Offers Fans at a School in Val-de-Marne, The Inspector Removes Them

HEAT WAVE: The father had paid 400 euros out of his pocket to buy the ten fans for the school in Val-de-Marne to combat the heat wave The father wanted to do well, it was not counting the passage of an inspector of Education. With the wave of heat raging in Ile-de-France and in most of the country, […]

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