Pollution. The Differentiated Traffic Set Up in Ile-de-France this Wednesday 26th June

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Only the holders of vignettes 1 and 2 will be able to circulate in Paris due to pollution

The differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and in the suburbs, Only the vignettes Crit’Air from 0 to 2 will circulate.

It was expected since the announcement of an episode of ozone pollution in Ile-de-France: differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and the suburbs on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

Only vehicles with vignettes Crit’Air from 0 to 2 , as well as electric vehicles, will have the right to drive in Paris Intramuros and the petite coronne.

For the first time, vehicles equipped with Crit’Air 3 stickers will not be allowed to circulate. This prohibition concerns the perimeter located inside the A86. Gasoline cars registered before the end of 2005 and diesel registered before the end of 2010 (vignettes Crit’Air 4, 5 but also now 3), will not be able to circulate.

The president of the metropolis of Lyon, David Kimelfed, also obtained differentiated traffic in the cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne from Wednesday, “in anticipation of the episode of pollution,” said his office.

More than a million vehicles with a Crit’Air3 sticker

More than one million vehicles registered in Ile-de-France and having a sticker have a vignette Crit’Air 3 (on five million registered vehicles with a sticker), recalls France Info . 410,000 vehicles registered and with a sticker have a vignette Crit’Air 4 and 5 in Ile-de-France.

A “new device” announced by François de Rugy, which was in preparation before the onset of this heat wave, provides that differentiated traffic will now be triggered “automatically” if the information threshold on a pollutant is exceeded for at least two days, or as soon as the alert threshold is reached.

Its triggering was not compulsory until then and it was left to the appreciation of the prefects. What persistently lamented the PS Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo who called for greater reactivity to pollution episodes.

“You have to look at reality, which is the increase in air pollution when there is a heat wave, a heat wave, like the one we know today.”

This measure will reduce pollutant emissions by about two-thirds, according to the minister. “Exceptional situation, exceptional measures,” said François de Rugy, visiting Tuesday at the premises of Airparif.

An “antipollution” package for transport

The president of Ile-de-France Mobilités, Valerie Pecresse, immediately announced the sale of an “anti-pollution package” allowing to move almost everywhere in the region Wednesday for 3.80 euros.

“Whenever the differentiated traffic will be triggered by the state, @IDFmobilites will automatically set up the reduced rate #antipollution in public transport,” tweeted the elected.

Ile-de-France Mobilités has also renewed a free carpooling system for journeys during the day, in partnership with four carpooling platforms: Covoit’ici, Karos, Klaxit and Ouihop.

Speed ​​limits and controls

Differentiated traffic is accompanied by a whole series of speed limits on the roads of the Paris region.

The Prefecture of Police warns that it will “put in place controls to ensure compliance with these measures.” The Prefect, however, “asked his services to apply the differentiated movement measure judiciously, taking into account departures on leave”.

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