Only the holders of vignettes 1 and 2 will be able to circulate in Paris due to pollution

Pollution. The Differentiated Traffic Set Up in Ile-de-France this Wednesday 26th June

The differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and in the suburbs, Only the vignettes Crit’Air from 0 to 2 will circulate. It was expected since the announcement of an episode of ozone pollution in Ile-de-France: differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and the suburbs on Wednesday 26th June 2019. Only vehicles with vignettes Crit’Air from 0 […]

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The Crit'air sticker is required for the next peak of pollution in Toulouse.

More than 300,000 Anti-Pollution Stamps Issued in Haute-Garonne and Toulouse

Over 300,000 Crit’air stamps were issued at the moment in Haute-Garonne. This should allow the implementation of differentiated traffic in case of pollution. 300,000 Crit’air thumbnail , or pollution, were issued in Haute-Garonne , announces the prefecture News Toulouse, Tuesday 23rd January, 2018. This vignette compulsory at the next peak of pollution, should help to establish Toulouse differentiated traffic if […]

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