A two-month-old pregnant woman miscarried after being held in a police station in the 12th district of Paris

Paris: A Woman Miscarries after Police Custody, an Open Investigation

On Tuesday 6th August 2019, a pregnant woman lost her fetus after being stopped by police officers. The IGPN has been seized of the case. A pregnant woman of two months miscarried after police custody in a police station in Paris, in the XIIth arrondissement, Tuesday 6th August 2019. An investigation was opened Thursday, after the filing of its complaint. According to AFP , this woman was […]

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Cyclists get organized on Facebook to find their stolen bikes in Paris

Cyclists get Organised on Facebook to Find their Stolen Bikes in Paris

The increase in the number of cyclists in Paris goes hand in hand with an increase in the number of stolen bicycles. On Facebook, cyclists signal and try to spot their bikes. “Sometimes we find bikes, but we also avoid theft,” says Victor Fromageot, the 18-year-old who created the Facebook group “Stolen Bikes Paris / Suburbs”. For two […]

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A worker was killed and three others seriously injured in the collapse of a scaffold, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris.

Scaffolding Collapses in Paris: A Worker Killed, Three in Critical Condition

Scaffolding 20 meters high collapsed, Tuesday 30th July 2019 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. One worker was killed, three others are in critical condition The tragedy occurred Hovelacque Abel Street, in the  XIII th arrondissement of Paris, Tuesday 30th July 2019. The fall from a scaffold on which four workers were employed caused the death of one of them. […]

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In 2050, the climate in Paris will be like in Canberra today

In 2050, The Climate in Paris will be like in Canberra Today According to a Study

This analysis, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE Wednesday 10th July 2019, is based on the most optimistic scenario of global warming. In 2050, the climate in London will look like that of Madrid today. Stockholm will be like Budapest, and Paris like Canberra, according to an analysis published Wednesday 10th July 2019, which rests on the most […]

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Parent offers fans at school, inspection removes them

Heat wave: A Student Parent Offers Fans at a School in Val-de-Marne, The Inspector Removes Them

HEAT WAVE: The father had paid 400 euros out of his pocket to buy the ten fans for the school in Val-de-Marne to combat the heat wave The father wanted to do well, it was not counting the passage of an inspector of Education. With the wave of heat raging in Ile-de-France and in most of the country, […]

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Heat wave in Seine-et-Marne. Here is the list of schools that will be closed Thursday and Friday to preserve children

Heat Wave in Seine-et-Marne: List of Schools Closed Thursday and Friday to Preserve Children

The town hall of Melun announces the closure of schools this Thursday and Friday, because of the heat wave. Six other municipalities are currently concerned in Seine-et-Marne. The decision was left to the discretion of the municipalities. Due to the heat wave episode, Melun City Council decided to close the schools of the municipality on Thursday 27 and Friday […]

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Only the holders of vignettes 1 and 2 will be able to circulate in Paris due to pollution

Pollution. The Differentiated Traffic Set Up in Ile-de-France this Wednesday 26th June

The differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and in the suburbs, Only the vignettes Crit’Air from 0 to 2 will circulate. It was expected since the announcement of an episode of ozone pollution in Ile-de-France: differentiated traffic will be set up in Paris and the suburbs on Wednesday 26th June 2019. Only vehicles with vignettes Crit’Air from 0 […]

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Ile-de-France. Heatwave: Civil Protection distributes water in train station

Ile-de-France. Heatwave: Civil Protection distributes water in train stations

Heat wave: from today, the Civil Protection will distribute water in the stations of Paris. It will launch a similar operation tomorrow, June 26, in Versailles (Yvelines). Here we are. The heat is well established in Yvelines and a large part of the country. Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th June, the thermometer should exceed 34 ° C. Faced with the situation, the Civil Protection decided […]

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It will be up to 38 ° C in Seine-et-Marne

Heat Wave in Seine-et-Marne: Up to 38 ° C Announced Next Week

It will be hot, very hot even in Seine-et-Marne. A heat wave episode of remarkable intensity for a month of June is announced next week for the Seine-et-Marne. As of Sunday, temperatures begin to climb to exceed 30 ° C over a large part of the country. In Seine-et-Marne , it will be up to 31 ° C including Melun and […]

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