Weather in Charente: Between Rain and Thunderstorms

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The weather in Charente wiill be a mix of rain and thunderstorms

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be mild, spoilt by rain and thunderstorms

It is mild this morning with 10 degrees in the countryside and in Angouleme, the fog is still very present at 8am so caution on the roads.

 According to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France for the Charente, the fog that should start to clear during the morning to make way for a still disturbed sky and that will hesitate between rain, thunderstorms and the occasional clear sky. 

The temperatures will indicate 19 degrees in Cognac and 18 degrees in Angoulême during the warmest of the day. 

A north to northwest wind will blow in a weak to moderate way.

The afternoon forecast for the weather in Charente
The afternoon forecast for the weather in Charente (Photo: Meteo France)

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