Thousands of Protesters in the Streets of Toulouse, Wednesday May 1st

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Protestors in Toulouse for May 1st

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, several events are organised in Toulouse on the occasion of Labour Day. The trade union processions are over, not those of the yellow vests.

“I feel like Saturday” could be heard in the procession, Wednesday , May 1st, 2019 . In Toulouse , several thousand demonstrators marched in the Pink City. In addition to the traditional union demonstration for Labour Day, many yellow vests joined the parade.

Manifestations declared until Bazacle …

A parade that began around 10 am, Esquirol Square. The inter-trade union, led by the UD CGT 31 , the FSU 31 and Solidaires 31 , wandered through the heart of the Pink City to join the place Arnaud-Bernard. If the first procession, declared in prefecture, officially ended in this place, a second followed, also declared, but only by  Solidaires . He planned to join  Bazacle.

… then the procession continued on its way

What has been done, in a rather festive atmosphere and without tension. Around 12:30 , the head of the event arrived at its destination. A yellow vest then spoke to announce that the procession, if it was to continue, was now no longer declared. Anyway, the demonstrators broke the pavement, taking the bridge of the Catalans to join the Saint-Cyprien district .

Tear Gas at the bridge of Saint-Pierre

Arriving on the Place Saint-Cyprien, the parade came up against the cordon of forces of the order, set up at the entrance of the street of the Republic as well as at the height of the bridge Saint-Pierre. Protesters still tried to reach the city center via the Saint-Pierre bridge. In vain. And after several summons, tear gas canisters were thrown for otherwise the group to turn back.

The situation tends

The procession then took the direction of Fer à Cheval, through the Charles-de-Fitte alleys , before going back to the Pont Neuf where he found himself blocked by the CRS. He finally managed to return to downtown Toulouse.

Since about 4pm, the atmosphere has become considerably tense between a handful of protesters and the police. While some tried to brave the prohibition trying to enter the Capitol Square, clashes broke out at Jean-Jaures at 4.10pm, and at Jeanne-d’Arc at 4.30pm.

The procession pushed towards François-Verdier

Many tear gas were used, pushing the demonstrators towards François-Verdier around 5pm.

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