World Cup 2019: France Dominates Norway and Gets Closer to the Knockout Stages

Womens World Cup 2019
Eugénie Le Sommer has scored 2 e French penalty spot and welcomed by Amel Majri during the Womens World Cup match against Norway, June 12, 2019 in Nice.

For their second group match in the Womens World Cup, France beat Norway 2-1 on Wednesday 12th  June 2019, in Nice.

A confirmation on all levels: the France Women’s team have beaten Norway (2-1) in the shock of Group A, and have made a big step towards the knockout stages of this Womens World Cup 2019 this Wednesday 12th June in Nice in a “sold out” stadium.

The unlucky goal against his camp Wendie Renard has finally been no unfortunate consequences: les Bleus, who had offered the equalizer (54th) after the hardest by opening the scoring by the ghost Valérie Gauvin (46th ), finally snatched victory thanks to a penalty converted by Eugénie Le Sommer (72nd ).

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Clear message to the competition

The show of force of the United States, after his historic record Monday against Thailand (13-0), has not gone unanswered! By winning in the first shock of the World Cup, France sent a clear message to the competition: the host country is not afraid of anyone, not even the holder of the American title, the grandissime favourite to her own estate.

Valérie Gauvin opens the scoring for France against Norway at the Womens World Cup on June 12, 2019 in Nice.
Valérie Gauvin opens the scoring for France against Norway at the Women’s World Cup on June 12, 2019 in Nice. (© AFP / CHRISTOPHE SIMON)

For by grabbing only the head of Group A, before the last group game Monday against Nigeria, les Bleus may switch to the part of the table “Team USA” … with a possible “final” before the time in quarters.

Not enough to stop the irresistible popular blue wave: as in Paris, the shock against Norway has played again “sold out”, despite programming in the middle of the week.

Valérie Gauvin, winning return

The bar of 45,261 spectators, hit the Parc des Princes in the victory against South Korea (4-0) in the opening match, could not be exceeded Wednesday, the fault at a lower capacity, around 35,000 places.

But the public has been pushing for Wendie Renard’s teammates to find fault with Scandinavians, unsurprisingly, much stronger than the Koreans. Mission filled!

Under the watchful eyes of Didier Deschamps, present in the official stand of Nice, France have yet failed to repeat the start of their dream they had made at the Parc des Princes, in a tense match.

Norway without its Golden Ada Hegerberg Ball, even caused a few scares when Griedge Mbock has unsteadily back to his surrender Sarah Bouhaddi (9 th ) and Amel Majri lost the ball (14 th ) … without adverse consequences finally.

To bend the imposing Scandinavian defence, Corinne Deacon bet on the attacking Valérie Gauvin, yet dismissed in the opening match of the World Cup 2019 due to delays in training.

While Kadidiatou Diani has continued to create danger on the right side, Gauvin has proven too shy in the finish (23rd, 30th ).

But as soon as the locker room came back, the bet of Deacon finally paid off. The Reunion, well assisted by a “screen” smart Gaetane Thiney, took over the centre of Amel Majri to open the scoring with an unstoppable recovery (46th).

Own goal and VAR

The bad habit of Wendie Renard, yet author of a double in the opening match, almost spoiled the party. On a harmless centre, where there was no apparent danger, the control tower (1.87 m) of the French defence pushed the ball into her own net. Inexplicable…

Still, Marion Torrent’s teammates have been pushing hard to regain the lead. And on a movement of his side in the Norwegian surface, irregularly stopped, the team of France has finally benefited from a penalty.

Referee Bibiana Steinhaus, famous for becoming the first female referee to officiate in a professional men’s game, used video assistance to make her decision.

Eugenie Le Sommer, already scorer in the first match, did not pray to transform (72nd ). What to push a relieved audience to sing happily “La Marseillaise” until the final whistle.

The French Kadidiatou Diani (d) against the Norwegian Maren Mjelde in match of the Womens World Cup, on June 12, 2019 in Nice.
The French Kadidiatou Diani (d) against the Norwegian Maren Mjelde in match of the Womens World Cup, on June 12, 2019 in Nice. (© AFP / CHRISTOPHE SIMON)

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