Grumpy Cat is Dead

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Grumpy Cat died at the age of 7

A real internet phenomenon, Tadar Sauce, a cranky-looking cat known as grumpy cat, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection, her owners announced this Friday.

Internet star, Grumpy Cat has died . This female, whose pout is known worldwide, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection . She died Tuesday 14th May, 2019, the owners of Tardar Sauce, aged 7, announced in a statement released this Friday.

“In addition to being our baby and a cherished member of our family, Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile. Her spirit will continue to live everywhere thanks to the fans. “

Grumpy Cat, who lives in Arizona, has become a meme and celebrity on the internet. Her Facebook account is followed by 8.5 million people.

Millions of dollars reported

The image of this cat never looks happy has brought in millions of dollars since the publication of his first pictures on the web early 2012.

The big-eyed feline has appeared in numerous TV shows, on the cover of the Wall Street Journal or New Yorkmagazine , and even on Broadway in a representation of the mythical musical “Cats”. His image decorates children’s books, greeting cards, T-Shirts, plush toys, among other products.

And … she has her wax effigy at the Madame Tussauds museum in Washington.

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