In winter, don't leave your cat locked up at home. He needs to go out even though his daily walk is shorter.

This Winter, How Can I Protect My Cat From The Cold?

Do you know the dream life of a cat? Sleep by the fireplace or on a radiator. Even if the temperatures drop, that’s no reason to leave them confined. With the drop in temperatures, the temptation is great to leave our cat inside our home. However, winter is not the enemy of the cat! The cold can even have beneficial effects on the […]

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A Toulouse veterinarian warns about the dangers of electric cars for cats.

This Vet Wants to Alert About the Dangers of Electric Cars for Cats

Electric cars are quiet and for cats who like to hide under cars, it can be dangerous. A veterinarian wants to alert on the phenomenon. This is not yet an epidemic, but Dr. Jarek Szczepaniak, a veterinarian in Toulouse, could not help noticing that for a few months, he has been hosting cats who have been victims […]

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Grumpy Cat died at the age of 7

Grumpy Cat is Dead

A real internet phenomenon, Tadar Sauce, a cranky-looking cat known as grumpy cat, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection, her owners announced this Friday. Internet star, Grumpy Cat has died . This female, whose pout is known worldwide, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection . She died Tuesday 14th May, 2019, the owners of Tardar […]

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Cats just do not want to listen to you

The Cat Recognises Its Name … It Just Does Not Want to Listen to You

According to a Japanese study published Thursday 4th April, 2019, which analysed 78 cats, felines do indeed have a reaction when called by their name. The cats snub us. You may have doubted it with your nice tomcat at your feet, but researchers have just proved the indifference that felines give us.  In a study published Thursday, April 4, 2019 […]

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The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends 1

The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends

They tell them about the rain and the weather, their life projects … 51% of the French prefer to spend time with their dog or cat rather than with their friends, according to a poll published on Friday. “It’s a huge comfort and they find life sad without their dog or cat”, according to the survey […]

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The amount of abandoned animals has doubled in Strasbourg in July

Strasbourg: Abandoned Pets have Doubled in July

ANIMALS:  The amount of animals in July in Strasbourg have increased significantly, cats and dogs await a master at the SPA … As every summer, unfortunately, the pet abandonment multiply. This summer is no exception to the rule, even worse in Strasbourg, where the number of animals collected “doubled,” says the website Tchapp Catherine Bronner, co-chair […]

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A start up in the Tarn has invented a way of keeping track of your dog or cats weight and fitness

Tarn: Startup invents Collar Allowing you to track your Cat

Canhegat, a start-up of the Tarn, invented a pendant connected to pets. It helps to nourish and help to find them in case of disappearance … To calculate performance, today many riders, runners or people interested in fitness are equipped with a connected strap that allows them to know the number of kilometres travelled, their average […]

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