Playstation / Xbox: Surprise Union Between Microsoft and Sony in Cloud Gaming

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Microsoft and Sony to work together with Cloud Gaming

The union seems unlikely, and resonates on Thursday as a thunderclap in the microcosm of the video game: Sony and Microsoft, the two rivals, will work hand in hand!

The first, Sony, is Japanese (Tokyo) and is the creator of the PlayStation 4 . The second, Microsoft , is American (Redmond) and manufactures Xbox One.

In the video game console market, both are fierce competitors. But this Thursday 16th May, 2019, they jointly announced the signing of a strategic partnership, and historic.

In the shops, the two brands will continue to manufacture their respective (and competing) consoles, with exclusives. But on the new market of “Netflix video game”, the two players join forces to face a potential new competition …

Uniting skills for cloud gaming

Perceived as the future of the video game, cloud gaming consists of storing your games on servers (a cloud) and no longer requires any download at home. The game is “streamed” like any video.

And we know today that new players have positioned themselves in this market of the future: Amazon, or Google, which recently made its Stadia service official.

Also, a new competition is emerging for the three historical actors of the video game that are Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. And after the union started this year between Nintendo and Microsoft, today the two historical rivals join forces.

In a statement, published Thursday 16th May, on the Microsoft website , the two new partners announce that:

“As part of the agreement signed by the parties, the two companies will explore the joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective content streaming and streaming services.”

In other words, Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-gaming technology will become the standard meter. And Sony could, on its next console, use Microsoft Azure for its PlayStation-Now streaming service .

Semiconductors and Artificial Intelligence

Sony and Microsoft will also work closely in the fields of semiconductors and AI (artificial intelligence).

“For semiconductors, this includes the potential joint development of new intelligent image sensor solutions. Hybridly integrating Sony’s state-of-the-art image sensors with Microsoft’s Azure AI technology , as well as solutions using Sony semiconductors and Microsoft’s cloud technology.”

With respect to artificial intelligence, the two companies will explore “the integration of Microsoft’s advanced artificial intelligence platform and tools into Sony’s consumer products.”

On his Twitter account Phil Spencer, head of Xbox Game Studios, says:

“We are excited about the upcoming opportunities with  Sony to allow us to pursue our shared game ambitions and delight players around the world.”

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