Béziers: A Man Killed by Bullets, Probably for a Parking Space

Local News
A man shot dead in Béziers for a parking space

The shooter, aged 20 to 30, was on the run Thursday night after a man killed in Béziers over a parking space.

A man was shot dead on Thursday night in Beziers (Herault), probably for a parking space and the shooter is on the run, we learned from investigators of the Departmental Security.

“We are dealing with a homicide on the public road, for a parking space, according to the first testimonies collected on the spot,” said AFP Commissioner Caroline Ravoux, of the Directorate of Public Safety of Herault, confirming the information of the Metropolitan , a local media.

A suspect wanted

The casings found on-site, calibre .22, correspond to a handgun. The facts took place in a small street in the city centre. The victim, aged 43, died before help arrived.

The gunman, aged between 20 and 30, fled in his vehicle and is “actively wanted”. “The testimonies allow us to suspect a person,” said the commissioner to AFP.

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