There are Around 530 Wolves in France, The Species can "Resist the Risk of Extinction" 1

There are Around 530 Wolves in France, The Species can “Resist the Risk of Extinction”

ONCFS published Friday the report of winter monitoring 2018-2019 of the population of wolves in France. They can now “resist the risk of extinction”. With now 530 adults, the wolf population has increased significantly in one year, exceeding the threshold of 500 to “resist the risk of extinction”, which will lead to an increase in the number of […]

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Grumpy Cat died at the age of 7

Grumpy Cat is Dead

A real internet phenomenon, Tadar Sauce, a cranky-looking cat known as grumpy cat, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection, her owners announced this Friday. Internet star, Grumpy Cat has died . This female, whose pout is known worldwide, has not survived the complications of a urinary tract infection . She died Tuesday 14th May, 2019, the owners of Tardar […]

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European turtles and other turtles can find their cocoon at the turtle refuge in Bessières (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse

Near Toulouse, A Turtle Refuge Opens its Doors to the Public and Launches a Call for Donations

Located in Bessières, north-east of Toulouse, a turtle refuge opened its doors to the public at the end of April 2019. A call for donations is also launched to enlarge the site. It is a place to discover. The turtle refuge Bessières (Haute-Garonne) is located 20 km northeast of Toulouse . A haven of peace for our friends with a shell, […]

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Fifteen sheep have symbolically enrolled at a school in Isère

Fifteen Sheep Enrolled at School to Avoid a Class Closure

In Isère, the municipality of Crêts-en-Belledonne took the initiative to register symbolically fifteen sheep in its primary school to protest against the closure of a class. Play leapfrog in the playground, it is no longer just an image in this small town of Isère ! In Crêts-en-Belledonne , a breeder entered the primary school with about 50 sheep and his dog, […]

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In spring, it is possible to walk with his dog in the forest but it must be held on a leash. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Are you Going for a Walk in the Forest? Above all, Do Not Let Go of Your Dog!

The National Forestry Office reminds that it is mandatory to keep dogs on leash until early summer, if you are walking in a forest, otherwise endangering the local fauna. Explanations. Walk his dog in the forest : yes it is possible but under certain conditions . And even more in the spring, from April 15 to June 30 of each […]

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Cats just do not want to listen to you

The Cat Recognises Its Name … It Just Does Not Want to Listen to You

According to a Japanese study published Thursday 4th April, 2019, which analysed 78 cats, felines do indeed have a reaction when called by their name. The cats snub us. You may have doubted it with your nice tomcat at your feet, but researchers have just proved the indifference that felines give us.  In a study published Thursday, April 4, 2019 […]

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Poppy, mother of a crowned propithecus (Propithecus coronatus) of the family of lemurs born in mid-February, is breastfeeding her baby on March 5, 2019 at Mulhouse zoo.

A Rare Baby Lemurs is Born at the Mulhouse Zoo

Mulhouse zoo (Haut-Rhin) welcomed a new resident he presented in early March: a crowned propithèque baby, family lemurs. This is an “exceptional” event for this endangered species . A crowned propithecus (Propithecus coronatus), from the family of lemurs , was born mid-February at Mulhouse zoo, it was learned in early March 2019 from the institution. “This little crowned lecithèque is […]

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The number of rabbits in the park continues to increase, a rabbit can give birth to 15 to 25 young rabbits each year.

Gironde: A Thousand Rabbits of Garenne Invade the Park of Bordeaux

Faced with the proliferation of rabbits Garenne in the park of Bordeaux (Gironde), the City is currently conducting a study to limit the number of these small animals. At the Bordeaux park (Gironde), walkers are no longer surprised to see rabbits of Garenne walking in the alleys, on lawns, near trees or near playgrounds … The small hairballs with big ears, which would […]

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A cat show and a village of the puppy will be installed for the event in Lille

New: Lille Grand Palais Pet’s Event, Living Animals, Beginning in January 2018

Lille Grand Palais announces the arrival Pet’s Event in January 2018. A bespoke seating for fans of little fur balls, ideal for the family. It’s a first ! The weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday, January 7, 2018 , Lille Grand Palais  (North) hosts a new show: Pet’s Event . The event dedicated to animal open to the public two days, all day. The organization announced: We […]

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A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog.

Essonne: Her Dog Barks, She Gives him Seven Knife Wounds

A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog. Alcoholic, she was annoyed by the barking of her pet named Hazel. The dachshund, aged two, survived its injuries. She could not stand the barking of her dog. A woman aged […]

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