Poppy, mother of a crowned propithecus (Propithecus coronatus) of the family of lemurs born in mid-February, is breastfeeding her baby on March 5, 2019 at Mulhouse zoo.

A Rare Baby Lemurs is Born at the Mulhouse Zoo

Mulhouse zoo (Haut-Rhin) welcomed a new resident he presented in early March: a crowned propithèque baby, family lemurs. This is an “exceptional” event for this endangered species . A crowned propithecus (Propithecus coronatus), from the family of lemurs , was born mid-February at Mulhouse zoo, it was learned in early March 2019 from the institution. “This little crowned lecithèque is […]

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The number of rabbits in the park continues to increase, a rabbit can give birth to 15 to 25 young rabbits each year.

Gironde: A Thousand Rabbits of Garenne Invade the Park of Bordeaux

Faced with the proliferation of rabbits Garenne in the park of Bordeaux (Gironde), the City is currently conducting a study to limit the number of these small animals. At the Bordeaux park (Gironde), walkers are no longer surprised to see rabbits of Garenne walking in the alleys, on lawns, near trees or near playgrounds … The small hairballs with big ears, which would […]

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A cat show and a village of the puppy will be installed for the event in Lille

New: Lille Grand Palais Pet’s Event, Living Animals, Beginning in January 2018

Lille Grand Palais announces the arrival Pet’s Event in January 2018. A bespoke seating for fans of little fur balls, ideal for the family. It’s a first ! The weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday, January 7, 2018 , Lille Grand Palais  (North) hosts a new show: Pet’s Event . The event dedicated to animal open to the public two days, all day. The organization announced: We […]

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A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog.

Essonne: Her Dog Barks, She Gives him Seven Knife Wounds

A 36 year old woman was sentenced by the court of Evry to twelve months in prison, six suspended for giving seven stab wounds to her dog. Alcoholic, she was annoyed by the barking of her pet named Hazel. The dachshund, aged two, survived its injuries. She could not stand the barking of her dog. A woman aged […]

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The two elephants roaming free in the port of Brest. | DR

Brest: Two Elephants Wander into Town

Two elephants from Amar circus were seen and photographed running free at the commercial port in Brest. The circus says it was a walk. “It’s nice but impressive.” Big surprise for Yvon downhill drive to the commercial port of Brest, on Thursday afternoon. “I first saw an elephant, against the wall railings. I thought he was attached. Then […]

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33 pigs killed in a road accident in the Mayenne

33 Pigs Killed in Ruillé-le-Gravelais in Road Accident

Two road accidents involving trucks occurred this Monday, November 21st in the department of Mayenne. Traffic was disrupted in both cases and 33 pigs died. The first accident occurred at 7.50am, at a place called Bel air, Ruillé-le-Gravelais. An overtaking car, caused a truck carrying live animals to swerve to avoid the car. The truck […]

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First exit for the three Siberian tiger cubs from the den at the zoo in Besancon

First Exit for Rare Siberian Tiger Cubs at Besançon Zoo

ANIMALS: Three rare small Siberian tiger cubs, highly endangered, have made their first steps outside their den … Baikal, Sayan and sister Taiga went out of their lair on Monday. These three baby Siberian tiger cubs, a very rare threatened species, were seen for the first time at the zoo of Besancon , where they were born […]

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The French Prefer their Dogs and Cats to their Friends

They tell them about the rain and the weather, their life projects … 51% of the French prefer to spend time with their dog or cat rather than with their friends, according to a poll published on Friday. “It’s a huge comfort and they find life sad without their dog or cat”, according to the survey […]

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22 cows die after an overdose of cereals after escaping from their enclosure

Loire Atlantique: 22 Cows Die from an Overdose of Cereals

Blow to a farmer in Couëron, Loire-Atlantique. His forty-six cows escaped from their enclosure, were force-fed grain. Twenty-two have died. Helpless, helpless, Anthony Vaillant has seen them fall, one after the other. Between Sunday, September 18 and Wednesday 21, the organic dairy farmer, installed in Couëron, in the Loire Atlantique region, lost twenty-two cows from […]

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The amount of abandoned animals has doubled in Strasbourg in July

Strasbourg: Abandoned Pets have Doubled in July

ANIMALS:  The amount of animals in July in Strasbourg have increased significantly, cats and dogs await a master at the SPA … As every summer, unfortunately, the pet abandonment multiply. This summer is no exception to the rule, even worse in Strasbourg, where the number of animals collected “doubled,” says the website Tchapp Catherine Bronner, co-chair […]

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