Lady Gaga's two dogs kidnapped, the dog-sitter shot in "stable" condition

Lady Gaga’s Two Dogs Kidnapped, the Dog-Sitter Shot in “Stable” Condition

HOLLYWOOD: Los Angeles Police called for witnesses to locate the two suspects as the singer offered $ 500,000 to have her animals returned to her At this point, the LAPD does not know if the suspects knew who owned the two French bulldogs they kidnapped. Two dogs belonging to Lady Gaga were stolen on Wednesday evening in […]

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In winter, don't leave your cat locked up at home. He needs to go out even though his daily walk is shorter.

This Winter, How Can I Protect My Cat From The Cold?

Do you know the dream life of a cat? Sleep by the fireplace or on a radiator. Even if the temperatures drop, that’s no reason to leave them confined. With the drop in temperatures, the temptation is great to leave our cat inside our home. However, winter is not the enemy of the cat! The cold can even have beneficial effects on the […]

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Should we be worried about coronavirus mutation in Denmark Mink farm

Coronavirus: Should we be Concerned about the Transmission from Mink to Humans of a Mutant Strain of the Virus

PANDEMIC: Denmark has announced the slaughter of 15 to 17 million mink after the discovery of farms contaminated with a mutated version of the coronavirus In Denmark, farmed mink carry a mutating version of the coronavirus. A mutated version of the virus which is transmissible to humans, since a dozen human contaminations have been identified in […]

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Photo released on June 29 by the Taipei Zoo of a baby panda born June 28 in Taiwan.

Giant Panda Donated by China Gives Birth to Second Baby in Taiwan

The newborn weighs 186 grams. It is the second baby panda that Yuan Yuan has given birth to since arriving at the Taipei Zoo in 2008. A giant panda, donated by China to Taiwan, has given birth to a second female, the Taipei Zoo announced on Monday. Yuan Yuan and his partner Tuan Tuan, whose names mean […]

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The prefect of Haute-Garonne has banned the demonstration of yellow vests scheduled for Saturday, May 16, 2020

Alpes-Maritimes: A Dangerous Alligator Snapping Turtle Found in a Public Park on the Côte d’Azur

BE CAREFUL OF THE FINGERS: They are passers-by who discovered the reptile with a powerful jaw and a sharp beak ul> The specimen of this spectacular exotic turtle species was discovered by passers-by in the pond of the Vaugrenier departmental natural park. It was finally entrusted to the “Village des tortues”, an educational and conservation […]

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From April 16, 2020, it will be allowed, with the certificate of derogatory displacement, to go to the SPA to adopt an animal

Coronavirus: More Flexible Confinement to Adopt Animals

The government relaxes the rules of confinement to adopt an animal. From April 16th, 2020, it will be possible to go to the refuge with the displacement certificate. In this period of confinement, animal abandonment multiplies and adoptions decrease. And with them, the threat of multiplication of euthanasia because the refuges are saturated. In this sense, […]

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Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man kills two of his dogs fighting on his balcony

Coronavirus in Toulouse: Man Kills Two of his Dogs Fighting on his Balcony

CONTAINMENT: A man is in police custody in Toulouse after opening fire on his dogs who were fighting on his balcony whilst under coronavirus confinement In the unusual silence of confinement, gunshots rang out this Sunday morning in the Guihemery district  of  Toulouse. Alerted by the neighbourhood, the police went to an apartment on avenue Jean-Rieux where they arrested a […]

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Baby polar bears at Marineland in Antibes, January 28, 2020.

Three Baby Polar Bears are Born in Marineland Park on the Côte d’Azur

The three polar bear cubs, whose gender is not yet known, were born between Christmas and New Year. According to the animal park, they are doing “wonderfully”. Three baby polar bears were born in Marineland Antibes, announced Thursday the largest marine animal park in Europe, which has housed since 2010 a couple of this species classified “vulnerable” as part […]

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Over one billion animals have been killed in fires in Australia

Fires in Australia: Over 1 Billion Animals Killed in the Fires

According to a joint study by WWF and a researcher from the University of Sydney, 1.25 billion mammals, reptiles, birds, frogs and invertebrates have died. A massacre. The fires that have ravaged Australia since September 2019 have killed, directly or indirectly, 1.25 billion animals, according to a joint study by WWF Australia and a researcher from the University of […]

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A Toulouse veterinarian warns about the dangers of electric cars for cats.

This Vet Wants to Alert About the Dangers of Electric Cars for Cats

Electric cars are quiet and for cats who like to hide under cars, it can be dangerous. A veterinarian wants to alert on the phenomenon. This is not yet an epidemic, but Dr. Jarek Szczepaniak, a veterinarian in Toulouse, could not help noticing that for a few months, he has been hosting cats who have been victims […]

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