Fuel Prices: A General Rise at Petrol Stations

A general rise of fuel prices at petrol stations

PETROL: The litre of unleaded 95 fuel is the one that has risen the most at the petrol stations

The prices of road fuels sold in French petrol stations increased overall last week, with a marked increase for unleaded, according to official figures released on Monday.

Diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel with nearly 80% of volumes, was displayed at 1.4898 euro per litre on average, up 0.82 centime, according to weekly data published by the Ministry of ecological transition and solidarity .

Below its highest level last year

However, it still remains below its highest level last year, when it reached a weekly average of 1.5331 euro per litre in October. For its part, the litre of unleaded gasoline 95 (SP95) increased by 1.48 centimes to 1.5943 euro, again at levels seen since 2013.

Similarly, that of unleaded 95 containing up to 10% ethanol (SP95-E10) took 1.56 cents to 1.5669 euros. Finally, the unleaded 98 (SP98) reached 1.6551 euro per litre, increasing by 1.43 centimes.

A gap between the price of crude oil and the price at the pump

Fuel prices at the pump vary according to several parameters such as the price of a barrel of oil , the euro-dollar exchange rate, the level of stocks of petroleum products and demand, as well as taxes.

Crude prices were down last week, against a backdrop of a slowing economy and trade tensions, but global market developments are lagging prices at the pump.

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