“The explosive gross margins” of distributors denounced by a consumer association

Fuels: “The Explosive Gross Margins” of Distributors Denounced by a Consumer Association

INFLATION: Prices at the fuel pump “must decrease by 10 cents” per litre, estimates the CLCV The consumer association CLCV accuses, on Wednesday, fuel distributors of having garnered “explosive gross margins” on gasoline and oil over the past four months, judging that prices at the pump “must decrease by 10 cents » per litre. “Mass distribution and oil […]

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TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023

Inflation: Can Total’s Decision to Cap the Price of fuel have a Snowball Effect?

SUPERPROFITS:  TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023. Will other large companies follow suit? On Wednesday, TotalEnergies announced that it would cap the price of petrol and diesel at 1.99 euros for the whole of 2023. A decision which follows an appeal from Emmanuel Macron. The government continues […]

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TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 capped at 1.99 euros this year in its French stations

TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 Capped at 1.99 Euros This Year in its French stations

NO INCREASE: The TotalEnergies cap will come into effect this weekend on the motorway and in early March at other stations The litre of 95 unleaded petrol or diesel will be capped at 1.99 euros this year in the 3,400 TotalEnergies service stations in France, its CEO announced on Wednesday, the day after President Emmanuel Macron’s request […]

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Fuel prices: Emmanuel Macron asks oil companies for a "gesture" on diesel prices

Fuel Prices: Emmanuel Macron Asks Oil Companies for a “Gesture” on Diesel Prices

HELP: “I know the spirit of responsibility of our great producers and retailers”, added the president On Tuesday, from the Rungis market of national interest, Emmanuel Macron asked major oil groups like TotalEnergies for a new “gesture” on the price of diesel , calling on their “spirit of responsibility”. “I hope that the dialogue can be finalised between the ministry and the companies […]

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Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st 1

Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st

FUELS: Public aid of 100 euros, intended for the most modest transported workers, will be available on 16th January As announced for several months, the rebates on fuel prices from the government and TotalEnergies will end on December 31 at midnight. The price of petrol and diesel will therefore increase mechanically in service stations, reports BFMTV. Concretely, from the 1st January 2023, […]

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Yellow Vests demand an immediate freezing of fuel prices

Fuel Prices: “Yellow Vests” Demand “Immediate Freezing” of Prices

FUEL PRICES: The surge in oil prices following the attack on facilities in Saudi Arabia raises fears of a rapid rise in fuel prices at the pump Faced with the possible surge in oil prices , following the attack on facilities in Saudi Arabia, the collective ”  Yellow Vests citizens” called Tuesday for an “immediate freeze” of fuel […]

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Diesel will experience a further decline Tuesday, June 4, 2019 in Luxembourg.

Fuels in Luxembourg: Further Decline in the Price of Diesel

The price of diesel per litre will drop again in Luxembourg, from Tuesday 4th June 2019. The fuel is again approaching the bar of 1.10 euro per litre. A further decline in diesel prices will take place in Luxembourg on Tuesday 4th June 2019, ten days after one of the few decreases since the beginning of 2019. 2.5 cents less, […]

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Where can I find the cheapest fuel in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux: Which Petrol Station is the Cheapest Fuel?

Between the ten petrol stations located in Bordeaux, price differences are sometimes important. While fuel prices have been on the rise since January 2019 and peaked last April , we have found which Bordeaux gas stations are the cheapest . Diesel fuel: on the right bank For diesel, you have to go to the right bank to save money. On the Quai de la Souys, […]

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