Loire-Atlantique: Seriously Injured During a Horse Race, Jockey Romane Brizard has Died

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Young jockey, Romane Brizard, dies after accident in Loire-Atlantique racecourse

A collision between several horses led to the death on Sunday 26th May, 2019 at the Racecourse of Gâvre (Loire-Atlantique), a young jockey: Romane Brizard.

She fought for life. Victim of a violent horse fall, Sunday, May 26, 2019 at the Racecourse of Blain-Bouvron-Le Gâvre (Loire-Atlantique) , the young jockey Romane Brizard , finally succumbed to his injuries.

Her sister, Margaux, posted a message on her Facebook account , in which she said:

“As you all know, Romane had a horse fall yesterday afternoon (Sunday 26 May) after fighting for life, as she knew how to do every day, the little heart of Romane stopped and his eyelids closed. It’s another star that has joined our sky. I thank everyone for your messages, I will inform you for the future. “

A white march could be organised

She added that she wanted to organise a “white march for Romane” soon.

The death of Romane, 21 years old, follows a collision between four horses.

The young woman, more severely affected than the other jockeys, had spent long minutes on the ground before being resuscitated in the helicopter that took her to the Nantes hospital .

Another 19-year-old jockey suffered a double fracture of his jaw.

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