Amazon Imagines a Connected Bracelet, able to Detect our Emotions

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The e-commerce giant Amazon is thinking about creating a connected bracelet, able to detect our emotions.

A bracelet able to recognise our sadness, our joy or our stress. And that, only thanks to the voice. This is the new idea of ​​the American firm Amazon.

What if a bracelet could detect your mood? This is the new project (a little crazy) imagined by the giant Amazon . His name: Dylan .

Through the reading of internal documents and a testimony collected internally, the Bloomberg  website reveals that the American firm is studying the creation of a bracelet, able to detect human emotions through the voice.

Change of intonation of the voice

This connected bracelet is equipped with several microphones. It is connected to an application capable of recognising the emotional state of the wearer, according to the tones of his voice.

The American firm has never hidden its intention to develop his voice assistant Alexa . Could the bracelet be the link vector between the user and Alexa? It is still too early to say.

But by 2017, Amazon had patented a technology that could detect physical and emotional abnormalities.

In a video made by Bloomberg , the operation of this system is specified. We see a woman, sniffing, signify to Alexa that she is hungry. Thanks to the care of his voice, the voice assistant finds that she has a cold and offers him a dish corresponding to his state of health, in this case, a soup.

Another patent has been filed by the company: a system that distinguishes the user’s voice from environmental noise.

According to the American press, this connected bracelet could be used for health and well-being purposes. But not only. Targeted advertising and product recommendations would also result from its use. A not insignificant aspect in the marketing strategies of companies.

When is it marketing?

This idea is the result of a collaboration between Amazon and the Lab126 group, at the origin of Amazon’s main hardware products.

The giant e-commerce has not, for the moment, not expressed on the subject. Teams are regularly encouraged to develop new projects, but not all are marketed. For now, this bracelet is under experimentation.

This desire to translate emotions into data is not new. In France, the start-up Neotrope , imagined, in the same vein, the bracelet “Affect Tag”. Heart rate, sweating: “It’s a bit of the principle of the lie detector but portable,” said Olivier Janin, CEO.

In everyday life, the commissioning of such an object questions: what security around our personal data? Can we really transform the feeling into digital data?

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