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MyPage5 is a social networking site which pays its members to socialize, chat, discuss topics of the day, upload photos and videos and well anything else that you would normally do which any other Social Network.

How can a social networking site afford to pay its members I here you ask, you don’t off the larger companies. With MyPage5, the members will get a share of our advertising revenue.

MyPage5 has advertisements on every page and these are put there by an advertising network, and are paid by the advertisers on a ‘cost per thousand’ page view basis. This means that every time a page containing an advert is viewed a thousand times, MyPage5 gets a small amount of revenue. Members will get 20% of the profit revenue based on a twentieth of the page views that they have accumulated monthly. Members will accumulate page views every time another member views their profile, pictures, videos or blogs.

Payment is made via PayPal, the well known online payment service, once you get to the qualifying amount, which is remarkable easy to get to as their payment rates seem unbeatable and miles ahead of the competition, and they also have no limit on the amount you can upload and earn daily.

If you Social Network regularly and don’t get paid, you should ask yourself why can’t you have a piece of the advertising cake and click HERE, and register for MyPage5.

You have nothing to lose as it’s free to join, and have plenty to gain. I look forward to seeing you there.

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