Cancers in France have doubled in the last 30 years

Cancers: in France, the Number of New Cases has Doubled in 30 Years

Worldwide, cancers are responsible for 10 million deaths. In France, they are even the leading cause of death with 157,400 deaths recorded in 2018. Worldwide, cancers are responsible for 10 million deaths, according to statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the year 2020. In France, they are even the leading cause of death with 157,400 deaths recorded. in […]

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A general rise of fuel prices at petrol stations

Fuel Prices: A General Rise at Petrol Stations

PETROL: The litre of unleaded 95 fuel is the one that has risen the most at the petrol stations The prices of road fuels sold in French petrol stations increased overall last week, with a marked increase for unleaded, according to official figures released on Monday. Diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel with nearly 80% of volumes, was displayed at 1.4898 euro per […]

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