Leclerc to lower fuel prices during the Summer

Fuel: Leclerc Launches Cost Price Fuel Every Weekend this Summer

REBATE: The drop at the pump will affect all customers of the 696 service stations of the Leclerc retail group As it has done in the past, the E. Leclerc group will launch operations at cost price on fuel in its service stations in the coming weeks. Michel-Edouard Leclerc announced this Wednesday at the microphone of France Info: “We decided that […]

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Shortage of fuel: "If they release us, we will go elsewhere" ... The blockages will not stop

Shortage of Fuel: “If they Release us, we will go Elsewhere” … The Blockages will not Stop

PROTESTS: After the failure of the motion of censure, unions and opponents of the pension reform know that the week is decisive to obtain the withdrawal of the law The Vern-sur-Seiche fuel depot, near Rennes, is paralyzed by demonstrators opposed to pension reform. As the gasoline shortage slowly sets in, union activists believe that the […]

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TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023

Inflation: Can Total’s Decision to Cap the Price of fuel have a Snowball Effect?

SUPERPROFITS:  TotalEnergies has decided not to increase fuel above 2 euros for the whole of 2023. Will other large companies follow suit? On Wednesday, TotalEnergies announced that it would cap the price of petrol and diesel at 1.99 euros for the whole of 2023. A decision which follows an appeal from Emmanuel Macron. The government continues […]

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TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 capped at 1.99 euros this year in its French stations

TotalEnergies: Diesel and SP95 Capped at 1.99 Euros This Year in its French stations

NO INCREASE: The TotalEnergies cap will come into effect this weekend on the motorway and in early March at other stations The litre of 95 unleaded petrol or diesel will be capped at 1.99 euros this year in the 3,400 TotalEnergies service stations in France, its CEO announced on Wednesday, the day after President Emmanuel Macron’s request […]

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TotalEnergies dangles new discounts at the pump

TotalEnergies Dangles New Discounts at the Pump

HALF PROMISE: The CEO of the Totalenergies group, which made record profits in 2022, conditions these rebates on an end to the strikes against the pension reform TotalEnergies made record profits in 2022. But while diesel is approaching 2 euros per litre, the group dangled French motorists on Wednesday with discounts at the pump. On one condition: that strikes against pension reform, particularly in […]

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Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st 1

Fuel Prices: Pump Rebates Will End on December 31st

FUELS: Public aid of 100 euros, intended for the most modest transported workers, will be available on 16th January As announced for several months, the rebates on fuel prices from the government and TotalEnergies will end on December 31 at midnight. The price of petrol and diesel will therefore increase mechanically in service stations, reports BFMTV. Concretely, from the 1st January 2023, […]

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Petrol, Electricity, Hydrogen… Madic's "Energy Mix" to Supply the French Car Fleet 2

Petrol, Electricity, Hydrogen… Madic’s “Energy Mix” to Supply the French Car Fleet

CONSUMPTION: Manufacturer of petrol pumps, electric and hydrogen charging stations, the Madic group is preparing to supply an energy mix for the vehicles of tomorrow After half a century of activity in the oil industry, the Madic group is preparing for the energy transition with the production of a range of charging stations for electric vehicles […]

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Fuel prices to increase

Fuels: A “Runaway” at the Pump Before the Drop in Rebates

FUEL PRICES: Petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, two days before the drop in rebates from the State and TotalEnergies Soon the end of discounts. petrol stations out of fuel were much more numerous on Monday than at the end of October, particularly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Ile-de-France, […]

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Are electric cars cheaper than gasoline or diesel vehicles?

Are Electric Cars Cheaper than Petrol or Diesel Vehicles? Coming Soon

AUTO: A study published on Monday shows that electric vehicles could become more affordable within a few years According to a BloombergNEF study, the price of electric vehicles – excluding state subsidies – will reach that of gasoline and diesel vehicles in six to seven years. This price parity is linked to the reduction in the […]

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Roman candles were discovered in a vehicle in the Malakoff district in Nantes

Loire-Atlantique: The Sale and Use of Fireworks Prohibited until 3rd January 2021

The Prefect Didier Martin wants to avoid incidents and disturbances to public order in Loire-Atlantique and more particularly in Nantes. No more mortar fireworks in certain neighbourhoods in Nantes and the throwing of Molotov cocktails against the police during demonstrations. This is, in any case, the wish of Didier Martin, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique. In a decree taken this Monday , it prohibits “any […]

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