The new Peugeot 208 will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, from March 7th to 17th.

Electric, Petrol or Diesel: Peugeot Presents its New 208 at the Geneva Motor Show

Peugeot presents its new 208 which will be the big star of the Geneva Motor Show, from March 7th. It is offered with three possible energies: electric, petrol or diesel. From the first glance, this new generation of Peugeot 208 is confirmed by its sharp design, infusing youth and energy . Built from the latest generation of PSA platform, the […]

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Fuel prices have tended to fall since November.

Manche: Fuel Prices Down Since November

Since November 2018, fuel prices have dropped in the department of Manche, according to a study by a specialised site. In the Manche department, fuel prices have been on a downward trend since November 2018. This is the result of a recent study conducted by the site   throughout the country. The average price per liter at the pump rose from 1.53 euros […]

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Distrubutors pledge to pass on fuel savings day to day

Fuel: Distributors Pledge to Pass on the “Day-to-Day” Drop in Oil Prices

The government is trying to quell the grumbling over rising fuel prices, as we approach a call to block the roads on November 17th … The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, assured him, Thursday, the fuel distributors are committed to reflect the day-to-day decline in crude oil prices at the pump. The government is trying […]

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Fuel taxes will increase in 2019

Fuel: Taxes on Diesel and Gasoline Will (Still) Increase in 2019

The government has announced the increase of taxes of 7 cents on diesel and 4 cents on petrol, from 2019. In return, it encourages the scrapping premium. Will driving a car become a luxury? The government is continuing to raise  fuel taxes.  In 2019, those on gasoline will increase by 4 cents per liter next year , and those on diesel 7 […]

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The Ford Fiesta ST boasts a new 3-cylinder engine.

Ford Fiesta ST: Steering at Discretion

With its new Fiesta ST, Ford continues its drive to make driving available to all. That’s 200 hp for the pleasure of driving sportingly, or not, at only € 23,200. A few months after the release of the new Fiesta, Ford launches the ST version which represents the performance declination of the small city car . Externally, it is […]

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Why do the price of fuels in France keep rising

Fuels: Why Pump Prices Will Continue to Rise

Geopolitical context, rising national taxes … fuels for the car is expensive for a few weeks, especially if you drive diesel, and it’s not over. 1.40 euro on average for a litre of diesel . Almost a cent more than last week according to France Info . The unleaded SP95 is close to 1.49 euros, an increase of 0.65 cents. While the SP98 […]

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Fuel prices continue to rise at French Service Stations

Fuel Prices Continue to Rise at French Service Stations

FUEL PRICES: The price of a litre of diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel in France, is up 0.94 cents … The rise continues at the pump. According to official figures released on Monday, fuel prices sold at French petrol stations continued to climb last week. The price of a litre of diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel in France with about […]

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At Leclerc in Dordogne, Diesel was in the unleaded petrol pump

Dordogne: Diesel Fuel in the Unleaded Pump, Dozens of Faulty Cars

After Refueling at the Leclerc Station in Périgueux (Dordogne), dozens of motorists broke down between Thursday night and Friday morning At least thirty motorists broke down between Thursday night and Friday morning after a full tank in a Leclerc station of Périgueux (Dordogne), reports France Bleu Perigord Saturday November 4th.  2000 liters of diesel fuel in […]

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