Uma Thurman Has Reduced Her Meat Consumption, but it’s Hard

The actress Uma Thurman has reduced her consumption of meat

PEOPLE: The actress, Uma Thurman authorises some gaps for the holidays and on special occasions

Uma Thurman decided to significantly reduce her meat consumption, without going so far as to become totally vegetarian . This is certainly what the actress Kill Bill said during her stint on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan show a few days ago.

“One of my shameful shames is that I do not have the strength to become a vegetarian because, even though I think it’s morally better, I’m a carnivore. So I really struggle with that, “said Uma Thurman . Suddenly, the star of Pulp Fiction  has opted for a compromise that all flexitarians should understand.


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Happy night in Italia. Thank you Mr von Trier for keeping life interesting.

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An Easter barbecue

If she stays on a vegetarian diet most of the year, the actress allows herself some exceptions for holidays and special occasions.

“I am rather ashamed to say that I had a barbecue for Easter. Fortunately, all my friends and family are on the same wavelength. Everyone tries not to eat meat all the time, so when we cook for a family meal, everyone sits at the table, “she said.

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